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Top 10 women’s wrestling moments of 2019

Nicole Savoy becomes longest ever SHIMMER Champion

Nicole Savoy defeated Mercedes Martinez for the SHIMMER Championship way back in November 2017 and would hold the title for an amazing 721 days.

Founded in 2005 SHIMMER has a long history of lengthy title runs giving the title an air of importance and prestige. For example, the inaugural champion, Sarah Del Rey held it for 329 days, the second champion, MsChif held the title for 715 days and Cheerleader Melissa would hold the championship for 560 days.

In the lead up to the record-breaking achievement SHIMMER would post a list of the former champions, that reads like a who’s who of legendary and trailblazing wrestlers, and the length of their reigns and state that by the time of her next title defence Nicole Savoy would be the longest-reigning champion.

That day would be Oct, 29. and Savoy would post about her amazing journey and how she one day wanted to wrestle for SHIMMER and how crazy it is that she became their longest ever reigning champion.

Savoy had been a worthy champion facing and defeating all that stood in her way. Her challengers included the likes of Allysin Kay, Britt Baker and Mercedes Martinez.

It came as a major surprise when she lost the title in a 4-way when Kimber Lee defeated Savoy, Shotzi Blackheart, and Priscilla Kelly in an Elimination Match at the Volume 116 taping.

Since losing the title Savoy made her debut for Ring of Honor at Final Battle Fallout on Dec, 15. and due to appear at their next event Saturday Night at Center Stage on Jan, 11. 2020.

But something tells me that Savoy and the SHIMMER Championship will cross paths again and that it will be a long long time before anyone breaks her record.

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