Monday, September 26, 2022

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Trish Stratus’ Greatest Singles Matches

Courtesy of WWE

#2 Trish vs Mickie James, Wrestlemania 22.

Perfect story, perfect build, near perfect match. Trish and Mickie had months of backstory that involved shrines, kidnapping, identity theft, proclamations of love, and Single White Female vibes. These two women had a very personal feud coming into Chicago that night, and both women performed excellently.

The crowd was on the side of heel Mickie and soundly booed Trish through most of the match. An errant Chick Kick to the ringpost was the beginning of the end of Trish’s 448 day reign atop the Women’s Division. Mickie worked over her knee and took great pleasure in doling out punishment.

Trish got some offence in with a notable sit out powerbomb, but she was outmatched by Mickie’s continuous assault on her knee, and her mind games, which included grabbing Trish by the Stratusphere. The finish came with a botched Stratusfaction and ended abruptly with a Mick Kick to the head to end the match and give Mickie her first title win.

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