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Trish Stratus’ Greatest Singles Matches

Courtesy of WWE

#5: Trish vs Lita, Unforgiven 2006.

In what was supposed to be Trish’s retirement match, she was to meet her greatest rival in her hometown of Toronto with the chance of becoming WWE’s first 7-time Women’s Champion. To be blunt, the match wasn’t a mat classic by any means, but it told a very compelling story, one that was woven around with sound commentary from JR and King about their rivalry and all that Trish was.

For her part, Lita, who enjoyed a babyface run during most of their feud, was the bad guy this time and she wanted to ruin Trish’s moment. The women went at each other with strikes, moonsault attempts, falls off the top rope, taunts, hair pulling and a devastating chick kick to the side of Lita’s head. Trish ended up winning the match with the ultra-Canadian sharpshooter that sent the crowd wild, capturing her 7th Women’s Championship with tears in her eyes as well as the eyes of Lilian Garcia, she took her last bow and left us with a huge void.

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