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Trish Stratus’ Greatest Singles Matches

Courtesy of WWE

#8: Melina vs Trish Stratus, Survivor Series 2005.

Speaking of Melina…in 2005, we were introduced to the hellcat that is Melina. She screamed, scratched and was a new kind of diva. At the time of this match, most of Trish’s major opponents had been released, or were in Lita’s case, injured, were too green, or, like in the case of Victoria, overdone.

When Trish came back from injury in September of that year still Women’s Champion, there were few real contenders for her to have, enter Melina. After winning the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal, Melina set her eyes on the gold. She kidnapped Trish, proclaimed herself to be the most dominant diva, challenged her to a match and then kicked her in the head.

The match that ensued was different, but well-executed. Instead of facing a Molly or Gail who were technically proficient, or a powerhouse with a size advantage like Victoria or Jazz, she was matched up with a woman roughly her size, but was a brawler. With MNM and Mickie out ringside, a lot of memorable spots happened; Trish’s crossbody onto MNM, their attempted Snapshot on her, Mickie and Melina’s ringside catfight. Melina kicked the crap out of Trish, and while Trish responded with wrestling moves, Melina was having none of that. She pulled hair, clubbed her back, hit her with those ultra-aggressive forearms. What saved Trish that night was timely interference from Mickie James and a top rope Stratusfaction.

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