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Trish Stratus’ Greatest Singles Matches

Courtesy of WWE

#4: Trish vs Charlotte Flair, SummerSlam 2019

This match was centred around Charlotte demanding to be part of the “Biggest Party of the Summer”, and appealing to Trish’s ego to get her to accept one last match. The build was decent, and going into it, there was a creeping feeling that Trish would take the loss here and do the honours for Charlotte Flair.

The match saw Flair dominate the much smaller Stratus, but Trish was game. She took it to Charlotte and broke out new moves such as tilt a whirl arm drags, springboard hurricanranas, cassadora victory rolls, and a reverse armdrag that sent Charlotte to the floor. After Charlotte tripped Trish up on the stairs, the Queen took over. She smashed her face into the mat, kneed her in the back of the head, booted her in the face no less than three times, but Trish would not stay down. The crowd gave Trish her first solo “This is awesome” chant, and the appreciative hometown crowd told her “You still got it!”, and she did. She managed to trade chops with Flair and even broke out her own variation of the Figure 8. However, the hungry Flair would not be denied on this night, she withstood a Chick Kick and Stratusfaction and still came for more. Ultimately she was able to put Trish away with a decisive Figure 8.

Trish lost here, but she left looking like a winner as the crowd got to see her point and raise her finger to them one more time.

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