Monday, September 26, 2022

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Trish Stratus’ Greatest Singles Matches

Courtesy of WWE

We all knew this was coming right? The “First Women’s Raw Main Event” match as billed by WWE in a little bit of retroactive continuity. The build up to this match saw Trish taunt Lita mercilessly about her marriage to Kane, her loss of her baby, and her weight gain. She and Lita locked horns the prior month where Lita broke Trish’s nose in a bit of revenge, and now Trish had her sights on beating and embarrassing Lita once more.

Both women pulled out all the stops. There was a scary looking tope suicida from Lita, superplexes, powerbombs, Chick Kicks, and we saw Trish get crafty and pop Lita in her face with her protective mask. With each bear fall, the frustrations began to mount and the crowd was red hot for them, the finish came with Trish lost control and wailed on Lita and missed a clothesline which set her up for a reverse Twist of Fate into a picture-perfect Litasault. The crowd was electric, the commentary was superb, and both women left everyone extremely happy and entertained at home and in Charlotte, North Carolina that night. That match set the bar for women’s matches in the WWE going forward.

Honourable mention: Trish vs Mickie, New Years Revolution 2006.

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