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Unwrapped: Eye Candy for the Week of May 10th, 2010

Welcome to this week’s edition of Unwrapped! As always, we will be grading all of the new photoshoots (or “eye candy”, as we like to call them) from the week gone by, judging them like so:

Sweet (Great)Bland (Iffy)Sour (Awful)

You, the reader, will also get the chance to grade the “eye candy” yourself by giving your opinion on each shoot and voting for your favorite out of the whole bunch. Now, dive in!

Beth Phoenix’s Lady in Red
Grade: Sweet.  Beth Phoenix may have had a short stint as the current reigning Women’s Champion, but at least she left a pretty decent photshoot in her wake!  This attire is possibly the most appealing Beth has in her repertoire.  Luckily, the red-and-black combination photographs just as well as it looks on television.  A couple of the poses are more imaginative than your typical stone-faced vogue-ing.  These bits of playfulness and cheerfulness show a different (and more pleasant) side to the Glamazon.
Click to see the rest of the photoshoot.

Natalya’s Change of Hart Grade: Bland. The title of this photoshoot may serve to be ironic as there appears to be little to no variety between Natalya’s photos.  This is your typical series featuring Natalya donning her Hart badge of honor.  It is not quite ‘sour’ as she earns points for consistency (not to mention color coordination)!  However, what Natalya’s portfolio could use is a little less pink and a little bit more imagination.
Click to see the rest of the photoshoot.

Savannah’s Rockin’ Chair
Grade: Bland. Yet another Diva lacking alternatives is none other than NXT’s Savannah.  WWE seems to be fond of bland backgrounds and Divas leaning on furniture.  Unfortunately, this is Savannah’s third strike!  There’s only so much one Diva can do with a chair and a limited palette of facial expressions.  Savannah looks presentable, but WWE’s lack of creativity is too stifling to pass for ‘sweet.’
Click to see the rest of the photoshoot.

Eve Torres’s Eve-n Flow
Grade: Sour. This trend of depicting Divas in greyscale leaves much to be desired.  The use of greyscale here reads bland because it lacks contrast.  The desire to be artistic can be admired, but the objective of this photoshoot is unclear.  The total disregard for shade levels leaves Eve looking “washed out” rather than “knockout.”
Click to see the rest of the photoshoot.

Be sure to grade each photoshoot, vote for your favorite below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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