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WWE.com Suggests Names to Join Divas of Doom

WWE.com has created a list looking at a few names who could join Beth Phoenix and Natalya in the Divas of Doom. Compiled of many past WWE names, along with current Diva Eve Torres.

The list of possible names is somewhat impressive with names such as Bull Nakano and Aja Kong, who I’m surprised WWE even remembers existed given their modern day Diva mould.

Of Nakano, the website writes:

Nakano’s alternative style and bizarre look was intimidating. She was a far cry from today’s so-called “blond bimbos” of the Divas division. The Japanese star spiked her hair, painted a web on her face, wore dark makeup and often carried nunchucks to the ring. There’s no doubt she’d instill fear in some of the Divas’ “pretty faces.”

The list also includes Luna Vachon and Fabulous Moolah who’ve passed away, as well as Alundra Blayze and Mae Young.

Perhaps baffling is the inclusion of Eve, but they do acknowledge that it is an unlikely choice and reason why they feel she’d fit with Beth and Natalya, writing:

While she seems like an unlikely choice, Eve is a well-rounded Diva, and has the skills and personality to fit in with everyone … even Beth and Natalya. Plus, Eve pinned Natalya to win a tag team match on Raw SuperShow this week, proving she truly is a strong in-ring competitor. (WATCH) It may seem far-fetched, but if Eve happened to ditch her pal, Kelly Kelly, to join forces with Beth and Natalya, she could help change the face of the Divas division based on her impressive credentials and gain even more recognition.

Read the full piece here.

Thoughts: Not recognized on the list, but I think could be great additions to Divas of Doom, are Divas from the last era such as Jazz, Ivory, Victoria or Jacqueline.

Who do you think, past or present, could be a good addition to the Divas of Doom?

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