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WWE Main Event Redux (August 19th, 2014): Nikki’s Standing on Her Own Two Feet

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Main Event Redux. Apologies for the horrendous delay on this, I’ve been massively busy today. On top of my full-time job and Diva Dirt duties, I also volunteer for a radio station where I have my own show. Luckily for me, this weekend I will be part of the press team heading to Leeds Festival, so I get to interview lots of cool bands and hear lots of awesome music… for free. I am so excited and totally grateful to be rewarded. So anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of prep for that, yet of course, I had to deliver you one last dose of Diva goodness before I left for 5 days. I couldn’t leave you guys in the lurch!

This week’s Main Event match saw bubbly Australian Emma face off against a newly heel and even sexier Nikki Bella. Summerslam blew me away at how well Nikki’s heel turn came of and on Raw, I felt myself laughing at Brie and not empathizing with her one bit! Nikki’s promo was solid, she looked phenomenal and bar her near trip on the entrance ramp, she proved why we’ve always wanted her to be a heel again. Will she prove to be as fantastic in her first match back on the dark side of the spectrum?


The video begins and we see that both competitors are already in the ring, ready to get things going. The crowd are right into the action straight away as they chant “You sold out” to Nikki Bella. I bet Nikki is absolutely overjoyed with the attention she and Brie are getting! The pair lock up twice, with Nikki showing her strength the first time before thrusting Emma over her on the latter occasion. Nikki mounts Emma and looks to choke her whilst getting a one count.

Emma dodges Nikki’s next planned attack and goes for an Emma Dance pin yet she comes up way short. Undeterred, Emma hits a schoolgirl for a near fall before whipping Nikki into the corner. The Fearless Bella counters with an elbow to the mush before hitting a picture-perfect kick to that same mush after vaulting off the second rope – impressive stuff! Nikki rolls her eyes at the crowd whilst squeezing the life out of Emma with a front facelock. The Emmalution leader fights out temporarily, only to then get her face bulldozed by Nikki’s knee. Ow!

Nikki keeps working over Emma’s head and neck, applying another front facelock before ramming Emma into the turnbuckle. Emma proves she still has life left in her though by kicking Nikki in the face and whipping out the DilEmma. Much like the one she decked Alicia Fox with last week on WWE Superstars, Emma goes for a high crossbody off the top yet unluckily this time, Nikki averts danger. Nikki then blasts Emma in the face much like she did Brie at SummerSlam and before you know it, Emma is down for the count after a ferocious Rack Attack. Emma certainly isn’t dancing after that…

Thoughts: A short yet sweet squash for Nikki here, solidifying her as a strong, independent heel who takes no crap. Her antics towards the crowd were really nice and although she didn’t incorporate any new moves into her arsenal, her moves seem to come across quite heelish still so I really enjoyed what Nikki brought to the dance. Emma being the opponent to lose seemed like the right choice as she’s not really doing anything right now and has a recent win over Alicia.

Shout out to Michael Cole and Byron Saxton too. Haven’t a clue what Cole was doing on Main Event yet he and Byron did great in my opinion. Byron is truly coming into his own as a heel announcer who isn’t overly annoying or overbearing *coughJBLcough* and he and Michael told a great story to accompany the action.

Overall, I’m happy. WWE laid the perfect foundations to showcase Nikki as a dominant threat here and I am chomping at the bit to see what the E’ do next with Nikki and Brie.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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