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WWE Superstars Redux (August 7th, 2014): Cameron Brings Sass and Whoops Ass

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. It’s your double dose of me today and what is better than being blessed with an Eva Marie match to cover? An Eva Marie match and a Cameron match! I jest, I jest! I am LOVING Cameron right now and have always been a fan of her charisma and she is definitely competent in the ring. I haven’t had much chance to write about her newly heed bad-self for Diva Dirt so I’m looking forward to the chance today. Cameron’s opponent? Everyone’s favourite jitterbugging jailbird Australian, Emma!


Out first this week is the cocky and confident Cameron and I hear that speech has been added to her entrance music. I still don’t really know why they didn’t choose ‘Bye Bye’ as her theme yet with lyrics like “I like the sex” or something along those lines, I guess WWE didn’t think that was PG! From dodgy lyrics to dodgy dancing now as Emma is next into the arena. She’s limed herself up and I can almost smell the citric acid! Speaking of outfits, what the hell is up with Cameron and her schoolwear? Is she trying to be Ja’mie: Private Schoolgirl?

The match starts with Emma whacking Cameron’s mirror out of her hand, sending Cameron into a banshee-like rage! Emma shrugs Cameron off and ducks a clothesline before tripping the former Funkadactyl right on her face. Don’t look in the mirror now Cam – it might crack! Following a pin attempt and a scoop slam, Emma goes for yet another pin yet the fiesty Total Diva kicks out. After kicking out, Cameron fights back, sending Emma to the mat after a really wristlock takedown.

After some stomps, Cameron wraps Emma’s arm around the ropes, leaving Emma in as awkward a position as being in a Walmart self-service checkout line… Moving swiftly on, Cameron hits a really nice bridging tiger-lock style submission and it’s certainly more impressive than my poor attempt at calling the move! Really nice. Emma eventually rises to her feet and then crossbodies Cameron to create some breathing space.

Emma chooses to do little breathing and more bashing as she immediately knocks Cameron down with successive clotheslines. Cameron temporarily thinks she’s regained control yet Emma makes sure to quash those thoughts with a DilEmma and an Emmamite Sandwich for good measure. Emma goes for the victory yet those signature moves are not quite enough. She then scoops Cameron up yet Cameron reverses into a schoolgirl (appropriate considering the strange clothes) yet it only gets two. Cameron then lulls Emma into going for a dropkick and after lading hard on her head, Cameron finishes Emma off with a new finisher. Cameron brought the sass and beat Emma’s ass!

Thoughts: This was quite the entertaining match. Cameron is sticking the middle finger to the haters and is performing not only well in terms of portraying her character, yet she’s also bringing it in the ring. She’s applied that double arm submission a few times now and I am praying she transitions it into a Tiger Suplex. Baby steps I know but still, do it Cameron. I dare you! Just don’t break anyone’s neck…

As for Cameron’s new finisher though, I am not a fan. It seems way too basic to be a finisher yet I understand people use different moves every now and again to see what works and what doesn’t. Not only that, I’m sure wrestlers listen to their fans’ opinions on their moves too. I’m sure man fans feel a similar way to me and Cameron will be back using the Girl Bye DDT in no time.

As for poor Emma, she’s stuck in obscurity right now and she’s still being totally underutilized. Her and Xavier Woods have had by far the worst transitions from NXT to WWE’s main roster yet at least WWE are sorting that out now for Xavier. I know the whole #WalmartGate didn’t help yet WWE needs to push this girl. I still believe in this dancing and bubbles gimmick!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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