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WWE Superstars Redux (December 4th, 2014): Dominance Meets Dance

Welcome, boys and girls, to this week’s Superstars write up! Last night saw Paige and Emma face off in what promises to be a great match.

Paige heads out first and the crowd loves her. I must admit I like that she’s not directly in the spotlight at the moment. I think it’s a smart move; the crowd would get bored of the same rivalry week in and week out with Paige and AJ. Paige skips around the ring and heads inside. We head to commentary briefly and get a good glimpse of the ever-lovely Renee Young.

Emma follows her opponent out and Renee makes a point of the fact that Emma has a new puppy. While this is great, how on earth do these people have time for pets if they’re on the road four days a week?! But I guess that’s none of my business.

The bell rings and we’re reminded that Paige and Emma have a storied history branching out from NXT. They’ve worked together many a time and so, as I said, this match should be great. Emma’s busy doing her Emma dance, which still reaaaaally irks me. I just don’t like it. Neither does Paige, it seems, as she feigns a headbutt and screams in Emma’s face. Emma tries to escape to the outside, but Paige pulls her back.

Emma’s pretty good at winding people up, and that’s exactly what she does here. With Paige too busy trying to one up her, Emma’s quick and takes her down with a nifty shoulder block and a… funky looking pin. Emma then attempts the dilEmma, but Paige has her number and kicks her to the outside.

Paige has the upper hand now, seductively crawling up her and nailing her (no pun intended) with a headbutt and a pin attempt. Emma kicks out, but Paige locks her in a modified hold. Paige is well known for her aggressive nature and this match is no exception; she has Emma locked up in the ropes and is using her patented knee to the chest. Emma looks like a rag doll here. Paige with a cover and a two count.

Emma starts to look alive here, coming out of the corner all guns blazing. She has Paige all figured out and finally locks in the dilEmma! She follows up with the Emma sandwich, but Paige knows her all too well and soon has Emma right back where she started.

Paige locks in the Paige Turner, and it’s all over.

Thoughts: Not as long as I was hoping for. I’m a little disappointed but the match still seemed to get the point accross; Paige is still dominating, despite no longer being champion, and Emma still works well as the babyface in distress. I’m still in favour of a heel turn for her, however. I think she’d be awesome a sassy bitch who takes no shit once every one realizes they shouldn’t mess with her.

Until next time, ciao! x

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