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WWE Superstars Redux (September 4th, 2014): Every Fox Has Her Day

G’day everyone! No this isn’t Jack recapping Superstars for you because he is off to bigger territory in that of Monday Night Raw!~ Instead, it will be I, Bobby, bringing forth the Divas action of the night each and every Friday (provided my laptop actually works… enough, for me to access everything).

This week, it’s the third bout pitting Alicia Fox against Emma and so far we’re at 0-2 in favor of the dance crazed Diva. She has managed to outwit, outplay and outlast this Foxy foe from taking her steps down a peg so far, but can Alicia prove that she’s learned from past mistakes and is ready to snuff Emma’s torch out with a victory?

Sorry for the Survivor references, it’s a habit.

Let’s begin!

Emma’s perky music hits and out she dances wearing her finest gear (neon green is the best color known to man and I accept no disputes). Renee Young and Tom Phillips join us on commentary as Emma barely manages to flip herself into the ring before being cut off by the theme of Crazy Fox! Alicia walks out with her coat and laughs at Emma in the way only she can pull off, hair in face, as Emma looks a little confused and then manages to dance.

A “Let’s Go Emma” chant asap! Praise Jesus, hallelujah… I can’t believe this is the same crowd from most of Raw. Alicia sends Emma into the ropes, but Emma tricks Fox a little and nails her with a dropkick for a near fall. Fox now has control until Emma flips around and counters. Youch! Alicia with a huge boot, but only for a close count. Foxy tosses Emma outside the ring and taunts the crowd as our dancing Diva stays grounded. Alicia is so great.

She nails a northern lights but to no avail, which then prompts her to slam Emma’s head down repeatedly and start choking her on the ropes. Fox then locks in a unique hold, before transitioning into a headlock as Emma tries to fight out. With that, Alicia hits my favorite move in her repertoire by sidewalk slam positioning Emma and throwing her outside the ropes. She is taunting! I freaking love this woman during matches.

Alicia jumps on the beatdown asap, then continues taunting her until Emma scores a backslide! She goes for a kick, but Emma counters into an atomic drop and fires herself up to take Fox down with a few shots into the Emmamite Sandwich. She goes for a pin but Alicia kicks out. This brings Emma to the top! Or so she thought. Fox tries to stop her but meets a unique kick to the back of the head. Emma’s climbing again! She tries for and connects with the crossbody! Alicia rolls through! Two count! Lord. Fox throws Emma into the corner and is taken down with a roll up, but Foxy escapes. Emma now tries to capitalize but Alicia nails the scissors kick! ALICIA WINS!

We’re now 1-2, but the 1 counts for more because it’s Alicia and she deserves the score to be tied.

The Match Breakdown:

I’m so glad they finally let Alicia win one of these. I’ve been enjoying their work on Superstars together SO much, but the only problem is that WWE tends to do these things where people face off 500 times and the winner never varies no matter how one sided it can seem. Tonight proved that they’re willing to let either win, and personally that makes any upcoming matches all the more exciting knowing either can take it. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing two more in which Alicia wins one and then the fifth is up for grabs to determine which is truly better. The key though, is that I want them to promote it as a best of five series. Maybe have the winner get a title shot on Main Event just for fun one week, as I always did love when Womens Champions would defend the title on Heat. It probably won’t change, but it’s fun to have some big feel type matches like that.

As far as ring work goes, this was pretty darn strong. Emma and Alicia work great off each other in my opinion, and getting these singles matches every week only goes to further it and make their chemistry all that more strong. Some particular spots I loved were Alicia’s taunting, the sidewalk slam-esque throw through the ropes, and especially the finishing sequence. That ending was so fast paced with them giving every step they had (the ropes slingshot kick by Emma is a particularly appreciated move), and I loved it. Had I been there live, I would’ve honestly thought the match was ending a good four or five times before it did and those are the best kind of fights to me as a viewer.

Final Verdict:

Thumbs UP! I’m loving Emma and Alicia’s matches against each other. Maybe it’s reptetitive to some, but they’re finding ways to mix it up in my opinion. Give me more! Or heck, throw in some tag partners next week.

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