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Your Two Cents: Your WWE 2K15 Wish List

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: What do you hope to see at the WWE 2K15 roster reveal this Saturday? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Adrian Flores Kanellis: I’d love to see Alicia Fox back in the game! Hopefully they include Paige and Emma as DLC and a new legend, for example Ivory.
  • @AllEyesOnRyan: NXT Divas! We need some NXT Divas. If there are going to be NXT Superstars it would only be right. Also the whole main roster.
  • @C_RomeroR: All the current Divas and the heads/faces to create Lita, Trish Stratus, Sable, Kharma, Melina and Victoria.
  • @jbtheseeker: We need at least 12 current Divas. No excuse not to have them. I’d also love some classics, like Fabulous Moolah/Sesnational Sherri/Bull Nakano.
  • @JerommeGraham: Sable, Victoria and Mickie James as legends would be awesome.
  • @jordan_w21: A deep NXT roster and a stacked Divas roster. That is all.
  • Joseph Vora: I would like to see Paige and Cameron to make a 2K debut and am in hope for Eva Marie, but she defo needs a good finisher, the DDT and rollups she uses are too basic to describe.
  • @lewddowd: Eva Marie, Trish Stratus and a career mode that you can use a Diva in!
  • @MAXMFBRAND: Paige! Sasha Banks! Charlotte! Epic new additions to the game. I also can’t wait to see AJ Lee‘s model.
  • @mxattx: The ability to play as a Diva in MyCareer (not seen since Mickie’s RTWM in 2010) and the entire current roster and some NXT people.
  • @RandyVenus: They better have up to date attire! Brie and Nikki Bella HAVE to be in it but with their current gear. None this twin nonsense. It’s over.
  • Raphael Lamounier: Old Divas with the new ones. It’s time for the game to bring more Divas and more titles for them so we can create our perfect WWE Universe!
  • @RyanBaxter123: Definitely the full current roster & a Diva NXT story mode where you start in NXT and onto the main (like Paige’s story).
  • @themib: I hope they created NXT characters for the game, therefore having Paige and Emma’s models ready.
  • Trevor Stewart: Wouldn’t it be cool if the greatest rivalries had a Diva rivalry in the game and it was Lita and Trish?

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! What do you want to see in WWE 2K15?

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