Monday, January 30, 2023

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10 Game Changers of the Decade

Paige/Emma/Summer Rae

These women are the reason why NXT’s Women’s Division took off. They had characters, and more importantly, they had time and told stories in the ring. Summer was the First Lady of NXT, Emma was the quirky dancer who was at times too nice for her own good, and Paige was the Anti-Diva who was rough and tough. The Horsewomen get the credit, but the groundwork was done by these women.  Neither Summer or Emma got the due they deserved on the Main Roster, and were released with little fanfare, Paige went on to become champion, but unfortunately retired prematurely with a neck injury. If not for Summer, the BFFs wouldn’t have come into being, and Sasha and Charlotte would not have taken off as they did. If not for Emma, many women in NXT would not have had their best matches. They were the blueprint. They made audiences sit up and notice what women could do, and they did it well.

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