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10 Game Changers of the Decade

Women's Royal Rumble
Photo credit: WWE


FLAWLESS! The most random pair of women one could ever think to put together actually worked out fabulously. Coming together to torment Mickie James in 2009, Team Laycool, with at times Vickie Guerrero, ran roughshod over Smackdown then over the entire women’s division. They demeaned, belittled, beat and ridiculed every single woman on RAW and Smackdown, competed the first Handicap Match for the Diva’s Title, tagged with Dolph Ziggler to take the World Heavyweight Championship defended by Edge and Kelly Kelly, and competed in the first Table’s Match. They were given mic time, segments, character development and became the biggest women’s act in WWE for two years. Even their break up was a great moment. They went to couple’s therapy, broke down into fighting and then had the only to date Diva’s “Loser Leave WWE” match, that Layla won. They won and split the Women’s and Diva’s Title and also unified it. People hated on them for their perceived gimmick infringement, but the pair of them were something to talk about. 

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