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10 Game Changers of the Decade

Taryn Terrell/Gail Kim

When “Skirt Tiffany” was released from the WWE, it was a shock to find her pop up in TNA under her real name and as a referee in 2012. It was during her stint in the striped shirt that she ran afoul of Gail Kim because of a bad call. From January to March 2013, Taryn would cost Kim matches, compete in Tag matches and eventually had her referee contract terminated to be reinstated as a wrestler. They traded victories all through the spring until the rubber match at Slammiversary, where both women battled in the much heralded “Last Knockouts Standing” Match. The cutter by Taryn off the stage and the work displayed made Taryn a star, and it showed that yet again, models could indeed wrestle and show passion for the sport. Gail, who is one of the best wrestlers, male or female, of her generation, bumped and sold for Taryn expertly. She made Taryn look like a million bucks, and though Taryn is lauded, and rightfully so, credit Gail for the assist.

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