Monday, January 30, 2023

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10 Game Changers of the Decade

Honourable mention: The Bella Twins

The first women of WWE to actually have a brand and branch off and be able to crossover into mainstream pop culture due to starring in “Total Divas”. They were the living representation of what purists hates about women’s wrestling in WWE. Per that WWE article in 2012, the Bellas were perceived as models first, wrestlers second. They were thought of as second-tier in the ring and were thought to get by on their looks and looks only. To their credit, despite being torn down for their choices in men, they did work hard to dispel doubts on their abilities and merits. Brie also showed women that they could be mothers and wrestlers without having to sacrifice career. Nikki literally came back from two potentially career-ending injuries just to show her passion. People have their detractors, but the Bella Brand is mighty.

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