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12 More WWE Women Who Should Have Won A Specific Title – Part Two

Who are some Divas and Women that should have won a specific championship in WWE?

Nearly two weeks ago, Diva Dirt gave a list of 10 women from WWE who should have won a specific title. To catch up on that list you can read more here. There are so many who should have had the chance to have a title run that this second list has 12 entries (technically 16 women in total with three tag teams).

Check them out below and join in the comments to discuss.

Nidia – WWE Women’s Championship

Nidia, who was the first female winner of WWE’s Tough Enough competition in the early 2000s, should have absolutely held the WWE Women’s Championship. In fact, up until Mandy Rose, no woman from a season of Tough Enough has gone on to win a singles championship.

Nidia had the charisma, she had the in-ring skills, and she had the crowd support to at least win the title once in her career. If she would have, this would have elevated the worth of the Tough Enough competition as a whole. She would receive very few title opportunities but did become the number one contender in 2004 to Trish Stratus. The match didn’t take place as Stratus punched Nidia out.

Victoria – Divas Championship

Victoria knew a thing about championships as she was a two-time WWE Women’s Champion. The thing about Victoria though is she was a rare representation of a female talent that was featured in more than one era of wrestling. Once the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, and more that Victoria was accustomed to wrestling against left, she would enter the Divas era.

Helping the Divas division and working with the next generation of women to put them over including Brie Bella‘s debut match. Victoria herself should have at least captured the butterfly title once but never even had a televised championship match. She requested her release from the company with two years left on her contract because WWE stated they had “no plans for her.”

Cherry – Divas Championship

Cherry was a Diva who spent a short time with the company but had so much potential to be around for more years. Her character was fun and enjoyable to watch and once she started having singles matches she was one the fans wanted to root for. She would go on to hold victories against a future women’s champion Maryse.

Cherry recently spoke on Ring the Belle and even though she could wrestle and was a singles competitor in OVW prior to coming to SmackDown, she was so focused on her character. Her character which wasn’t a wrestler. Hopefully, we can get a Royal Rumble spot for Cherry to one-day roller skate back onto our screens.

Tamina – Divas Championship

Tamina was in the prime of her career during the Divas Era and at that time would have been the perfect moment for her to capture the Divas Championship. She would always be selected as the one to do a one-off match or to fill in for a championship match. At two different Elimination Chamber events, she could have won the title against either Kaitlyn or Beth Phoenix.

Her mic skills were never her strong suit, so she probably wouldn’t have been a champion in the long term, but if there was a time for her to be a singles champion it would have been during this time. Some may say she could have also become SmackDown Women’s Champion when she faced Bayley in 2020 at Money in the Bank.

Bianca Belair – NXT Women’s Championship

Bianca has proven that she didn’t need the NXT Women’s Championship before transitioning to the main roster. She has become a huge success story in WWE but one can only think that she should have added the NXT gold to her list of accomplishments as well.

More specifically, she should have conquered Rhea Ripley at NXT TakeOver: Portland. Although this would have cut Ripley’s reign short, Belair was poised at that point to become a champion. She also had a couple of shots at the gold when Shayna Baszler was the champion.

Belair has mentioned recently she would love to return to NXT to capture the gold that she is missing in her collection.

Emma – NXT Women’s Championship

Emma is one of those names that gets lost in the shuffle even though she was a catalyst to start the Women’s Revolution/Evolution period. She battled of course to determine the inaugural champion in a tournament where she lost to Paige in the finals. Her time with the company was pretty mismanaged, especially on the main roster. And even though she didn’t need to become the first NXT Women’s Champion she should have won it eventually.

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