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Britt Baker cites Brandi Rhodes as a reason for choosing AEW

During the “Double Or Nothing” rally held in Jacksonville on Jan. 8, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announced Britt Baker as one of their first female signees. Since then, other women wrestlers have been signed to the promotion, including Penelope Ford, Kylie Rae, and Nyla Rose.

While the division is still being formed, and meetings are still taking place with talent from across the globe, Baker stands out as a wrestler AEW plans on building a strong women’s wrestling foundation around. Proof of that sentiment stood tall during the third episode of “The Road to Double Or Nothing”, where Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes created a triple-threat match featuring Baker, Rae, and Rose.

Ahead of AEW’s first event, Kristen Ashly of Diva Dirt spoke with Britt Baker on how she got into wrestling, her reasons for choosing AEW, and her plans for the future.

Baker started wrestling in 2015, and has since quickly shot to the spotlight of a growing promotion. The doctor shared how she fell in love with wrestling, training with only guys and sneaking into other training classes.

Baker explains why she fell in love with wrestling
Britt Baker

Baker first grabbed the attention of hoards of wrestling fans when she took part in last year’s All In, participating in a fatal four-way match with Tessa Blanchard, Chelsea Green, and Madison Rayne. Baker describes the moment, and how it relates to her position at AEW.

Baker describes how it felt to wrestle at All In

With experience in multiple promotions, like Stardom, RISE, SHIMMER, Ring of Honor, and even WWE, Baker was asked why she chose to sign with AEW. She listed Brandi Rhodes and her dental career as crucial deciding factors.

Baker states why she chose to sign with AEW

In a previous interview with Diva Dirt, Brandi Rhodes made it clear that the emphasis was to be placed on the talent. Baker reiterates that notion, and says Rhodes inspired her to join the promotion, believing that Rhodes does what is best for everyone, and prefers to showcase the talent, instead of herself.

Baker says Rhodes does what’s best for everyone
Baker speaks on Rhodes’ belief that the talent deserves the spotlight
Britt Baker

Even with the announcement of the upcoming triple-threat match for Double Or Nothing, questions still surround the women’s division. Baker talks about the upcoming bout with Rae and Rose, and any plans AEW has for the women.

Baker talks about the triple-threat match
Britt Baker

Rae and Baker have been very vocal about wanting to compete with each other in the ring, and are excited to finally get the chance to do so. The DMD was asked who else she wanted to compete against in AEW. Baker discusses how wrestlers are being signed left and right, and how she hopes to be able to wrestle with her best friends and boyfriend, who are currently signed with WWE.

Baker chooses who she would love to wrestle still

AEW is still a new promotion, and though working incredibly quickly to be ready for their first event in Las Vegas in May, the company is keeping specific plans close to the chest, and selectively releasing information.

Diva Dirt will keep readers informed on new AEW announcements as they are disclosed. Check back for more AEW women’s division news.

Who would you like to see sign with AEW and compete with Britt Baker?

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