Monday, June 27, 2022

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Ranking All Wrestlemania Women’s Title Matches

Wrestlemania 19: Victoria (c) w/ Steven Richards vs Jazz vs Trish Stratus 

Credit: WhatCulture

Time:  7:17

Stars: 6/10

We see Jazz and Trish again along with Victoria. The division was built around Trish, and two stories were interwoven. Trish ”injured” Jazz and took her title (Jazz tore her ACL and had to drop it), and Jazz wanted revenge as well as reassert her dominance, and she came back in the middle of Trish’s and Victoria’s feud. Jazz wanted her title back, so Victoria by proxy was in the feud In this match, the women weren’t rushed, told a decent and was hard-hitting. Despite having just come back from a serious knee injury, Jazz’s athleticism is something to marvel at. 

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