Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Ranking All Wrestlemania Women’s Title Matches

Wrestlemania XV: Sable (c) vs Tori

Time: 5:08

Stars 4/10

Here’s the thing. This match is a lot better than it should have been. Sable wasn’t a wrestler, but she did her part pretty well, and Tori had to be shaking off years of ring rust. With that being said, the match wasn’t a masterpiece. It had good moments; the Sablebomb was the best she delivered, we saw new moves from Sable, and she was able to actually take a hit and get beat on a little. What really hurt the match was Tori’s two flubs, and Nicole Bass. The powerbomb spot lasted longer than needed because she didn’t get there fast enough and her military press was awful. It was a solid affair until the last minute to minute and a half.

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