Monday, June 27, 2022

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Ranking All Wrestlemania Women’s Title Matches

Wrestlemania 33: Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair, Fatal Four Way Elimination 

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Time: 12:45

Stars: 7/10

Love her or hate her, Nia Jax made that match. She looked as good as we’d ever seen her, and she provided a nice wildcard factor. After her elimination, Banks exited which kind of took ynd air out of it. We knew it would come down to Charlotte and Bayley. Nonetheless, all the storyline teasing with Bayley and Sasha was for naught.  That being said, it was a solid affair. We saw impressive, high-risk spots from Sasha and Charlotte, and there were no obvious mess ups or miscues. It was a good 13 minutes of wrestling and a nice way to show us the first-ever Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match at ’Mania.

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