Watch Tenille “Emma” Dashwood vs. Rachel Ellering for free


Tenille Dashwood, formerly known as Emma while working for WWE, has embraced the independent wrestling scene since she was released from her WWE contract in late October of 2017. When wrestlers are released from WWE, fans are uncertain what their next career move will be. Some wrestlers parlay their WWE success into work within other entertainment channels, and others choose to continue wrestling. Tenille Dashwood chose the latter and has hit the ground running on the independent scene.

Tenille’s first big match took place on February 3rd, in the New Jersey area, when she wrestled Angelina Love for the promotion know as WrestlePro. Not soon after, it was announced that Tenille Dashwood would be wrestling for Ring of Honor in their Women of Honor tournament to crown their first ever Womens Champion.

Recently, Tenille Dashwood came full circle and was involved in a match with her mentor and trainer, Lance Storm. On February 11th, in Providence, Rhode Island, WHAT Wrestling booked two graduates from the Storm Wrestling Academy, Tenille Dashwood and Rachel Ellering to do battle with Lance Storm as the special guest referee. This match caught buzz immediately and WHAT Wrestling decided to share it with the world by releasing the match on their YouTube channel. 

Tenille was very grateful for the opportunity and tweeted her appreciation to Lance, Rachel, WHAT Wrestling and their fans.

Tenille Dashwood’s Upcoming Independent Appearances

Tenille is accepting bookings all across the world and is very excited to meet her fans. Here are a few of her upcoming announced shows and links to each promotions website or ticket page.

What are your thoughts regarding Tenille Dashwood wrestling on the independent scene? Are you excited to see what she will do next? Where would you like to see her wrestle?