WWE 2K20 video released featuring Becky Lynch *Updated*


Update: WWE has confirmed that Becky Lynch will be on the cover of 2K20 along with Roman Reigns.

WWE is planning to announce their next yearly video game 2K installment tomorrow on Aug. 5. A video has leaked a day before which may allude that Becky Lynch will be featured on the cover of the new game.

In the video, we see several WWE male superstars both past and present hobnobbing at a fancy party. The party comes to a halt as ‘The Man’ herself Becky Lynch comes crashing through the glass ceiling. Lynch approaches Hulk Hogan and says, “sorry about your ceiling.”

Roman Reigns then enters and hands Lynch a drink and says, “nice work man,” and the two share in a clink of their glasses.

The video ends with both Reigns and Lynch as the focal point. This could reference that both will be featured on the cover in some capacity. They could be either featured together or perhaps there will be two different covers.

Lynch recently spoke with Vicente Beltrán from ViBe & Wrestling about the possibility of being on a 2K cover. Reported by Wrestling Inc. she had the following to say,

“[Being on the cover of WWE 2K20] would be the next step, wouldn’t it? Yeah it’s always about the next step and it’s always about being the first,” Lynch said. “‘The Man’ is synonymous with the first: the first main event of WrestleMania, the first main event of SmackDown, in the first women’s ladder match, in the first Royal Rumble, first SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. It’s all about being the first, so being the first woman on the cover of 2K20 would be awesome.”

If Lynch is confirmed to be on the cover of 2K20 this will be the first time a woman has graced the cover of a 2K cover. The 2K line has been present since 2K14 which was released in 2013. Women have been on prior video games along with their male counterparts. There hasn’t been a woman on a cover since 2007. That cover saw Torrie Wilson along with Triple H, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and John Cena.

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