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Money in the Bank Predictions: Layla vs. Summer Rae

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Layla takes on Summer Rae. Layla has publicly challenged Summer to a dance-off, but it not has been confirmed whether their encounter will be a dance-off or an actual match. With that in mind, the Diva Dirt team has given their predictions:

Bobby: This is the complete opposite in that it’s a long term feud that WWE has actually done a great job building up and developing each week. I wasn’t crazy about the Main Event catfight, but there’s been enough great things to make up for that. These two really go all out in their brawls (that hair pulling… or should I say clawing), and it adds a step of intensity to me that would have been missing had they not committed so heavily to making this feud seem legit even though it’s based around a character WWE mostly uses for comedic effect. I can’t wait to see what Fandango does and who he chooses but I’d honestly like to see a situation where both of them walk out on him and come to the realization that they’re better than fighting over a man. Then they could form a really solid Diva heel team which would bring forth another two strong challengers for Paige in the future. As far as prediction though, I want to say Layla wins by DQ when Summer slaps Fandango and then in the aftermath maybe they come to that conclusion I mentioned earlier and walk off together.

Chris: I can’t wait for this one! It feels like the first time in a while that there’s actually a story behind a Divas Pay-Per-View match. The build to this has been highly enjoyable and I can’t wait to see how the storyline with Fandango ends up playing out… Speaking of that… My prediction is a twist! Who wins? No one! The match is ruled a no contest because both Layla and Summer decide they are better than fighting over a man and both leave Fandango.

Cryssi: Hmmm. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a preference as to who wins this match. I know it’s going to be fun, probably a little comedic, and with Fandango in there as the referee you know something is going to happen. In a perfect world, I want Summer and Layla to stop mid-match and have an epiphany that Fandango is just not worth them fighting over. Both of them turn on him, resulting in a double disqualification after they kick him where the sun doesn’t shine. Layla and Summer can sashay off together while a woman comes in from the crowd to comfort the ailing Fandango who is withering around on the mat in pain. The woman in question is none other than the original Mrs. Fandango, Andrea Lynn, and the beautiful ballroom couple is reunited once again. =)

Eleri: Two Diva matches on one Pay-Per-View? We’re being spoiled! I’ve heard this has been changed to a dance off, and I’m not on board. I really want to see Summer and Layla throw down like the nasty cats they are! That said, I expect Summer Rae to pick up the win in whichever capacity they go at it, leading to a rematch at SummerSlam with Fandango’s services on the line!

Erin: I see this – no matter whether it’s a match or a *sigh* dance off – a stepping stone in this feud. Summer has continuously gotten under Layla’s skin, but she hasn’t yet made her snap. I think a win tonight would do that, leading to the endgame I (and many others) envision: to get another shot at Summer, Layla ups the stakes, putting her career on the line. This would make their next match a Loser Leaves WWE match, setting the stage for Layla’s departure. For all of this to happen, Summer Rae has to win tonight, and I believe she will.

Jack: Whether this is a match or a dance-off, I predict a Summer Rae victory, leading to Layla being even more incensed and obsessed with getting revenge, leading to a Loser Leaves WWE match eventually.

Steven: Hopefully, this is the endgame for this rivalry, as it hasn’t been doing much for me, to be completely honest. I predict that Summer Rae will win the dance off and Fandango, but reject him, confirming her babyface status with the fans. Where that leaves Layla? Who knows…

BREAKDOWN: 4 for Summer, 1 for Layla, 2 for a no contest/double DQ.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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