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10 most underrated women in WWE history


Another member of Extreme Expose makes the underrated list!

Unlike Brooke who started this list, Layla had a far longer and more decorated career. She is most notable for her time as one half of LayCool along with Michelle McCool. There she terrorized the women’s division in perfect heel fashion, especially to Mickie James.

This former Diva Search winner came a long way from her begging. Just like many Divas from that time period she did not come from a wrestling background. Her background was in dancing. So to evolve as much as she did in the ring was adherence to her dedication and passion.

Some people may not think that she should be on this list as she is a former Women’s and Diva’s Champion. She also is part of one of the most infamous female heel tag teams of all time, however, she sometimes was overshadowed by McCool. McCool was perhaps more technically sound in the ring which may have given her an edge.

Layla, although fit the timeframe that she was with the company, could be potentially making a bigger splash in today’s era. Women’s Tag Team Championship anyone? After all, they basically made their own! Duh!

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