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10 most underrated women in WWE history

Credit: WWE

Emma/Tenille Dashwood

Oh Emma! The one that got away.

The misuse of this incredible talent is probably one of the biggest head-scratchers in recent memory. She had it all in NXT. The Emma dance was the hottest thing going and she won over the crowd. Her participation in the history-making inaugural NXT Women’s Championship match against Paige is one that most fans won’t forget.

So what went wrong? Creative. When she came up to the main roster she was partnered with Santino Marella which did not satisfy the crowd. It could’ve been that the main roster fan base at the time wasn’t familiar with her work in NXT. She then returned to NXT thus developing a new heel gimmick.

The new heel gimmick translated better to the main roster crowd upon her return. Unfortunately creative decided to fix something that wasn’t broken. Enter, Emmalina. After weeks upon weeks of vignettes, she arrived as Emmalina only to turn around and say that she will be Emma once again.

During her feud with Asuka, she was abruptly released from her contract just as she was starting to be used on a regular basis. It should have really been all about her.

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