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10 most underrated women in WWE history

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Tori (not Wilson) was a big component of the attitude era. Unless you watched during 1998 to 2001 you probably don’t remember her. She is never mentioned in today’s product or even her contributions for years.

She is best known for the start of her career as an “obsessed fan” of Sable‘s. The obsessed gimmick has been done since then when Mickie James was Trish Stratus‘ obsessed fan. From this, she would go on to have feuds against Jacqueline as well as Ivory attempting to capture the Women’s Championship. She never reached this goal in her career.

She played an integral part in perhaps the most famous stable in WWE history, D-Generation X. Many people only credit Chyna as being the female in this stable, but she wasn’t the only one. Tori was in an on-screen relationship with Kane at the time and down the line, she was in one with X-Pac.

Although Tori never won a championship for herself, she helped the boss’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon win hers. Obviously, McMahon not being a wrestler herself, Tori lent a hand by planting a DDT on Jacqueline. This allowed McMahon to pick up her one and only title victory. In 2000, after a storyline with the Dudley Boyz where she was power bombed through a table, Tori went out with an injury.

Upon her return from injury, she was known as The Black Ninja. This was a masked persona dressed in all black that would help Raven retain the Hardcore Championship. Once unmasked by Molly Holly, The Black Ninja and Tori were never seen again.

With a combination of strength and beauty, Tori was highly underrated during her time with the company. The lack of appreciation for that time spent in the modern day is also a disappointment.

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