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10 most underrated women in WWE history

Credit: WWE

Molly Holly

Having her head shaved should be enough proof that she would do anything to entertain the crowd.

Molly Holly may be one on this list along with Layla that some may not see as underrated. She is a former two-time Women’s Champion and participated frequently at a time when women were fighting to get on TV. With this being said, she still is an afterthought for some fans.

She put in her dues for WWE. She adapted to whichever character that she was supposed to portray. Whether it was a superhero in Might Molly or breaking a paddle over Trish Stratus‘ head, Holly was passionate at all times.

During the biggest show of the year at WrestleMania XX, Holly had to convince Vince McMahon to have a match on the card. She not only had to convince him for herself but in general to have a women’s title match on the show of shows. A Hair vs. Title match against Victoria is exactly what it took to convince the boss. She wanted to shock the crowd.

Whether it was an intergender match with her “cousin” Crash Holly, her feuds with Stratus and Victoria, or her alignment with Gail Kim, she was always fun to watch.

She has true Hall of Famer written all over her career. If she is indeed inducted it will be an amazing treat for fans to see someone so underrated be included in WWE’s history forever.

Now it is your turn to discuss who you feel are the most underrated women wrestlers in WWE history!! Do you agree with this list? Who makes it on your list? Let’s talk in the comment section!

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