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10 most underrated women in WWE history

Credit: WWE

Luna Vachon

Coming from a wrestling family there was no doubt that wrestling was in Luna Vachon’s blood. She served two stints with then-WWF which both took place in the nineties. Her first round with them saw her at odds with Sensational Sherri and Alundra Blayze. She assisted Bull Nakano in winning the title from Blayze.

After a moment with ECW and a very brief time with WCW, her second go-around with WWF lasted longer than her first. When she returned she was paired up with Goldust and then later with her real-life husband Gangrel. She would feud with Sable, Jacqueline, and Ivory amongst others.

It was rumored that Shane McMahon supported Vachon becoming Women’s Champion but she never captured gold. She was mentioned to show dissatisfaction on the sexualization of the women in the company at that time.

Overall she stood out during a time where things tended to be cookie cutter and women like Sable were in the forefront. She was pushed to the side for women such as Sable. It was a shame that she never captured a title during her run. Unfortunately, her rumored blow-ups backstage left her unpopular with the company and was ultimately the catalyst that led to her exit.

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