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10 most underrated women in WWE history

Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke is one of the BIGGEST underrated superstars on the current roster. The majority of her in-ring competing was during her time in NXT while be partnered with Emma. Many feuds with this duo against Asuka‘s undefeated streak were fun to watch.

Since being called up to the main roster though, Dana has been used way less in the ring and more as an additional tag-a-long. Do we see a repeating trend on this list of talent not being utilized on the main roster?

First, it was with Charlotte Flair as her protege. Next, it was as Titus Worldwide’s Statistician which all but kept her out of participating in the ring. Both roles were fine if she wasn’t removed from the ring to do so.

WWE has dropped many chances to make Dana a stand out throughout her tenure. When she stood up for herself against Flair which dissolved their partnership should’ve amounted to something. This would have been a great time to push her to the forefront of the women’s division.

Just prior to WrestleMania she had a heartfelt promo on the mic against then-RAW Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey. This showed how much she has improved as an entertainer. It was a fan favorite moment.

She later would finally have a shining moment in this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

She has been recently working quality matches on Main Event against Sarah Logan. Hopefully, this will transfer over to RAW.

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