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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Miss Elizabeth, Wrestlemania 7.

Miss Elizabeth was the Lady of the Squared Circle. She epitomised class, poise, and a demure femininity that captivated audiences. She rarely spoke, but her face conveyed emotion, and she possessed Hollywood good looks, men envied Macho Man Randy Savage. Problem was, Macho knew it, and hated it. In storylines in 1989-1990, he began mistreating Elizabeth before altogether dumping her for Sensational Queen Sherri Martel. Miss Elizabeth would second men who feuded with Macho King such as Dusty Rhodes and his valet, the late Sapphire (it’s sad to know everyone involved in that match at Wrestlemania 6 is no longer with us).

However, in mid-late 1990, Miss Elizabeth disappeared. Where did she go? We don’t know, but we know where she was at Wrestlemania 7-in the crowd watching Macho King compete against The Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match. After the match, which Savage lost, an incensed Sherri put the boots to him and physically attacked him. The camera kept panning to Elizabeth for her reaction. Then she does the unthinkable.

Miss Elizabeth charged down to the ring and grabs a handful of the former WWF Women’s Champion’s hair and throws her from the ring. She then consoles Macho Man, who hoists her up on his shoulder after a hug, to the delight of the crowd, and reconcile before the thousands in attendance and the millions at home.

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