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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Trish Stratus, RAW, 2005.

In April 2005, Trish was sidelined with a herniated disk in her back. In her four month absence, she retained her Women’s Championship. During her time away, a new Diva, Ashley, came on board, and she was getting bullied and beat on by Victoria and the newly-acquired, newly turned RAW talent Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. One night on RAW, Torrie and company decided to bring Ashley out to the ring because they had a surprise for her. Well, Ashley had a surprise for them.

We hear the famous giggle and we see a very fresh and slimmed down Trish Stratus. She charges to the ring and puts her hands all over Victoria, eventually dropping her with a Chick Kick. We see Ashley handle Candice and Trish and Ashley are seen standing tall in the ring while the crowd soaks it in and makes plenty of noise.

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