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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Jazz, Raw, 2003.

Jazz made her shocking return after Trish lost to Victoria in a Chicago Street Fight. As Victoria made her way up the ramp, Jazz shoved her aside and went straight for Trish, and Trish’s face told the story. She looked like she saw a ghost and tried to back off, but Jazz wasn’t having it. She kicked Trish in the face, and then beat her to within an inch of her life, laying her out with The Bitch Clamp and cinching in a long, brutal torturous STF while Trish screamed in pain. That beating kept Trish out of action for weeks.

Where was Jazz all that time before she kicked the crap out of Trish? She had been away injured. She tore her ACL during her first title run, and dropped the title to Trish as a result. WWE retconned the ordeal to say that Trish caused Jazz that injury, and combine that with her taking Jazz’s title? The Phenom was looking for revenge, and did she ever deliver.

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