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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Sable, Smackdown, 2003.

In the late 1990s, Sable was WWF’s “It girl”. She posed in Playboy, had guest gigs on Regis and Kathy Lee, and graced the cover of the hottest selling Playboy in over 15 years. To cap off matters, she was popular with the fans and the WWF Women’s Champion. Then, like that, she was gone. She lost her title in an Evening Gown Match to Debra McMichael, even though she technically won, made one last appearance at a UK pay per view, and then she was gone.

Sable laid on a $110 million lawsuit against WWF for sexual harassment and unsafe conditions amongst a host of other things. If how she was treated by Sunny and X-Pac were indications, she may have had a point there. She wound up in WCW for a couple appearances, she was the on-screen CEO for the XWF, and landed guest spots on Relic Hunter and Corky Romano. It seemed that her WWF days were behind her.

Then, in April 2003, during Torrie Wilson’s Playboy coming out party, we heard that familiar growl, and out walked the last woman anyone would ever expect to see, Sable. After mockingly congratulating Torrie, she made it clear that she was back, and the men still wanted to see her, and the women wanted to be her. She then laid a kiss on the stunned Torrie’s lips, did a little grind, and walked off to the ramp. People were as stunned as Torrie looked, but many men were glad to see Sable again.

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