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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Chyna, TNA iMPACT, 2011.

In 2011, Kurt Angle was desperately trying to get back at his ex- wife, Karen, and Jeff Jarrett. He even went so far as to hire a “mistress” to take care of her. I thought mistress only applied to situations where you’re both married to each other, but…semantics. The odds on favourite to be the “mistress” was Velvet Sky, everyone’s favourite plucky babyface, however, it wasn’t Velvet, it was Chyna. The look on Karen’s face told the story, and Chyna reappeared that night to dispatch of Jeff Jarrett. Yes, Taz, the Chyna.

Up to that point, Chyna had not wrestled since she had her feud with Chono in New Japan in 2002, where she admittedly wrestled better than she ever had. She was up for movie roles, like the Terminator 3, she appeared in Playboy again in 2002, there was even talk of her joining TNA in 2003, and it was all for naught. Her personal demons took over, and she found herself on “Surreal Life”, “Fame Games”, and “Celebrity Rehab”. She had parts in low-budget movies like “Illegal Aliens”, and “The Cougar Club”. Her once muscular frame had softened and she looked nothing like the Chyna we had all come to know. Fans had written her off, and so by 2011, her surprise appearance for TNA was a welcome surprise for those wishing to see her win. Technically not a TNA return, but her return to wrestling should count for something.

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