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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Awesome Kong, iMPACT, 2015.

In 2010, The Awesome One parted ways with TNA. She was at the time one of their biggest draws and Tag Champion with Hamada. Then, overnight she was gone. She went back to the indies, worked for WWE for a coffee break, and then was nowhere. Then, 2015 rolls around and there’s a new monster in town. Havock. She runs roughshod over the women, and now there’s nobody to face The Harlot Slayer, dim lights, hit music, and there she is, Kong. She stares down and back Havock off in short order, once again reasserting her dominance over the division she helped to build, and giving that annoying referee a chokeslam to boot.

Where was Kong in those five long years? Why did she leave? She got into an altercation with Bubba The Love Sponge that resulted in him saying ugly and offensive things and he got his bell rung. Him being friends with Hulk Hogan, who was the big cheese at TNA, put her in a position that was untenable. Bubba continued to berate and insult her, at one point challenging her to a fight over the radio during an interview. Kong told him her address and shut it down there. She also seemed to draw issue with Dixie Carter, and didn’t have very many positive things to say about her. Up to that point, fans expected her to go back to WWE, but we were wrong.

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