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Best Returns In Women’s Wrestling

Angelina Love, TNA iMPACT!, 2010.

This entry we saw Angelina Love, former leader of The Beautiful People, greet her ex-teammates and her replacement, Lacey Von Erich, while in the crowd. Nice touch. What we didn’t expect was for Angelina to come back and beat the snot out of the three women of Mi Pi Sexy, but she had her reasons.

While atop of the Knockouts’ Division, Angelina had issues with her work visa, causing her to be let go by TNA as she was unable to work in the United States. Velvet and Madison decided to use Angelina as the fall guy to explain all their pass misdeeds, confident in their belief that she wouldn’t be back, and when she she showed up, everyone seemed chummy.

However, A. Lo was secretly stewing. She felt her friends abandoned her. Even worse? They threw her under the bus, and replaced her with Lacey Von Erich (and her ugly stick). Angelina wasn’t having that, and that night, she showed The Beautiful People who was boss.

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