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Bound For Glory Predictions: Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Title

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Tonight at Bound For Glory, Gail Kim defends the Knockouts Title against Awesome Kong. Will Kong become a three-time Knockouts Champion? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Chris: Back in January when Kong returned to TNA this is the match I said I wanted to see at BFG. However, I’m utterly disappointed at how thrown together at the last minute this was. Instead of putting together a long term angle to have these two clash at the biggest show of the year, the title was quickly put on Gail and Kong was placed in a title match without any explanation. No number one contender match, no rematch for previous champion Brooke, and no mention of the Dollhouse that dominated the storylines in the Knockouts division over the summer. I get where TNA is coming from, sure – a Gail vs Kong match is an interest. However, it’s 2015, not 2007. It’s time to be establishing new girls and not keep relying on the established knockouts. This has to be looked at with realism – last week on Impact Josh Mathews stated that “the revolution started with the Knockouts”. WHO. CARES? Worry about establishing stars to lead your division into the future instead of what the other company is doing. Do I think this two can still pull off a good match? Yes, however, realize it’s not 2007 and for numerous factors we aren’t looking at a match like we saw in that year, at much as TNA wants to believe this is going to be the greatest Knockouts match of all time from promos we’ve seen for this match. As for the match itself? Gail Kim wins.

Erin: On paper, this could be an epic match, given the history between these two. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much buildup at all, and as much as I enjoy it when companies buck heel/face standards, this just doesn’t have the elements that made their first feud legendary. Given all of that, I just don’t think there’s any reason for the belt to change hands. If things are as grim for TNA as the rumor mill would have us believe, I would expect Gail to be the final Knockouts Champion. She was the first Knockouts Champion, after all, so it would be poetic for her to be the final one. TNA may not be on its deathbed yet, but I see no reason for any changes to be made while things are so uncertain. Gail Kim for the win.

Jack: Kong’s return to TNA has been a total waste of time, so I think to at least redeem some of that, she needs to reclaim the Knockouts Championship. Gail is a fantastic title chaser against Kong and I wouldn’t be surprised if TNA had this reign of hers be short only so she can win it back soon anyway so that she can tie Angelina Love‘s record. Awesome Kong wins.

Josue: I really have a lot of mixed feelings about this Bound For Glory match. Yes, its the classic Gail Kim versus Awesome Kong, the two founding Knockouts in a title match at TNA’s biggest show of the year but it doesn’t feel to it. Maybe it’s just the lack of story or hype for it but I still trust that this match has the potential to deliver despite the predictably of the results. While I would really like to see Awesome Kong get one more good run with the Knockouts title, that chance has already come and gone. Given that Kong’s contract is said to be up in December and that Gail only recently won the title, I fully expect Gail Kim to walk out Bound For Glory as champion and into whatever may (or may not) be next for TNA.

BREAKDOWN: 1 for Awesome Kong, 3 for Gail.

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