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Extreme Rules Predictions: Paige vs. Tamina Snuka for the Divas Title

Tonight at Extreme Rules, Paige will put her Divas Title on the line against Tamina Snuka. Will Paige be successful in her first Pay-Per-View match? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: Given the way WWE have treated Emma since getting called up to the main roster I’m very wary of making any bold statements about new talent in the Divas division. I can’t really complain about the way Paige is getting booked – she’s the champion, she’s winning and she’s getting to use that badass scorpion cross-lock. It’s what happens during the matches prior to her finisher that bothers me, as she’s not getting much of an opportunity to show us the offense that we all want to see from her. That being said, Paige is definitely winning tonight. There’s no point in having her lose this early on – we all know she’s not a flash in the pan, but the casual viewer doesn’t yet. She needs to win a good back-and-forth contest to actually show everyone exactly what she’s capable of. And besides, nobody wants to see Tamina win. Probably not even Tamina.

Bobby: Alright so we’re finallllyyyy at the big day of Paige’s first PPV match! I honestly had wished this feud had been built way better… until I heard our own Erin compare it to that of a boxing feud and then after that I honestly had no problems. When I view it as such, it’s actually pretty perfect in that you have two strong competitors who don’t have to have a backstory or weeks of storyline based segments to need a reason to fight and I love how different of an approach that is for a Divas feud. Truthfully, I think (and hope) Paige retains because there are so many heel Divas that deserve a nice feud to come out of her title reign after working so hard but not getting as much credit during the AJ Lee vs. Total Divas era so I’d love to get to watch them get some shine as the year rolls on.

Chris: I never would have thought in my wildest dreams a month ago that this would be the Divas match for Extreme Rules but I am so glad it is! It’s extremely refreshing to see a match-up that we’ve ever seen before and I can’t wait to see what these two can do together. However, there’s absolutely no question in my mind that Paige will retain the title and go on to feud with a returning AJ.

Cryssi: This match is either going to be great or it will be a complete disaster. I’m still not a fan of Tamina’s wrestling but I’m confident in Paige and her ability to sell power moves and carry this. These two ladies haven’t been given the benefit of much build but there’s a story there and if AJ is going to return anytime soon, tonight would be a good opportunity. I see Paige retaining in a short match and getting attacked by AJ, who will come ruining through the crowd, ready to get revenge.

Erin: Most are assuming that this Paige/Tamina feud is just a stepping stone for Paige, and in my opinion they’re right – what better way for a newbie to prove herself than defeat the toughest Diva on the roster? They couldn’t have given Paige a better first PPV opponent, aside from AJ, of course, but I think we’re going to get there very soon. I expect Paige to get the crap beaten out of her but, in true resilient babyface fashion, pull out a miraculous win and retain the title. Who knows? Maybe AJ will then show up to “congratulate” her.

Jack: This match is clearly just happening to establish Paige and build her up before AJ’s inevitable return. The shocking thing I predict for this match? Not Tamina winning, yet I predict she’ll whip out some new purple trousers for us to all pick apart absolutely love. Paige retains via RamPaige DDT.

Steven: With all the hype around Paige’s title win and NXT in general, it would be foolish to have Paige drop the belt tonight to Tamina. This is Paige’s moment to solidify her spot as a main roster. I see Paige retaining tonight, and AJ Lee returning this week to properly start a feud with the new champ.

BREAKDOWN: 7 for Paige, 0 for Tamina.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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