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Night of Champions Predictions: Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte for the Divas Title

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Tonight at Night of Champions, Nikki Bella defends the Divas Title against Charlotte. If Nikki loses the match via countout or DQ, she will lose the title. Will her record-setting reign finally come to an end tonight? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Chris: After the high drama (Copyright Michael Cole) of Monday’s Divas Title match, I’m excited to see how these two follow it up. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say since Nikki already broke the championship record as well as her #RoadTo300Days, that Charlotte will be…. about to become the new Divas Champion, when Paige, frustrated with her recent losses, turns on Charlotte and that allows Nikki Bella to retain.

Cryssi: Ugh this match. I know, deep down in my heart of hearts, that Charlotte will probably walk out as Divas Champion. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. And I sure as hell don’t want to watch her feud with Paige for the title, or whatever they’re planning to do. That being said, at least it would break up PCB, which is the worst part of the Diva Revolution in my humble opinion, and maybe Queen Brie would actually get a chance to do something other than job for a change. All that aside, I want Nikki to keep on keeping on as the champion, because as long as she has the belt, Team Bella will continue to reign supreme and the whiny haters out there will continue to be unhappy. That outweighs anything else so go on with yourself, Nikki. You keep reminding all those inferior Divas that the true champ is already here. See what I did there?

Eleri: First of all, I hope you’ve all accepted Nikki Bella as your lord and saviour. She’s incredible, and if you say she doesn’t deserve every day of her title reign you are flat out wrong. Now, onto her upcoming title match. Odds are Charlotte is favourite to win. She’s awesome; has the ability, the charisma and the, wait for it, flair. It’s been made a big deal, obviously, that Nikki is now the longest reigning Divas champion of all time, and I feel like her achievement is coming before a very big fall. My pick to win tonight is Charlotte. I’ll be happily surprised if I’m wrong, though.

Erin: Despite the fact that much of Nikki’s reign has felt like a race to break the record, I’m not sure she’s going to lose it just yet. I feel like there’s something bigger going on here, mostly because of Paige’s obvious frustrations. If she is set to turn heel – and I’m sure she is – what bigger stage to do it on than a PPV Divas Title match? I can see Paige costing Charlotte the match in some sneaky way (circumventing the “Nikki will lose the belt if she’s DQed” rule) and kickstarting a feud between them. Nikki can hold on to the title a bit longer, hopefully so she can drop it to Sasha Banks in a follow-up to her sure-to-be legendary main event match at TakeOver: RESPECT. That way, Nikki’s reign can end on a note that does justice to its historic status. So yeah, Nikki Bella retains the title tonight.

Jack: I’m going to make a bold prediction here guys. Paige “accidentally” hits Charlotte and Nikki Bella picks up the win. I think Charlotte will eventually get the title, but only after she overshadows Paige a little more. Then Paige will ultimately snap. Nikki Bella retains.

Josue: With Nikki finally beating the record for being the longest reigning Divas champion, I really see her dropping the title sooner than later. In the midst of the Divas Revolution, Nikki has really just been biding her time as champion during this road to 300 days and for things to begin to freshen up, I think the title needs to change hands for new feuds to open up. On Raw, Charlotte managed to get a small taste of victory over the Bellas and with Stephanie McMahon proposing that Nikki can still lose her title vía DQ at Night of Champion thus throwing out the option of Twin Magic for Team Bella, I have to go with Charlotte picking up the win.

BREAKDOWN: 3 for Nikki, 3 for Charlotte.

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