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NXT TakeOver Predictions: Bayley vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Title

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Tonight at NXT Takeover: Fatal Four-Way, Charlotte defends the NXT Women’s Title against Bayley. Will Bayley nab the title? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Bobby: This match should be excellent if their live event showcases are anything to go by, and I’m extra excited that it’s finally a chance for two Divas solely in NXT to shine on their big stage. Bayley and Charlotte have worked so hard, and personally, while I really really wish this had been made into a triple threat also involving Sasha Banks, I’m still beyond looking forward to Bayley and Charlotte kick ass. Prediction wise, I have no idea to be honest. The division is so tiny that if Bayley won, the only other heel she could feud with is Sasha. If Charlotte wins, she has Becky Lynch or Alexa Bliss to choose from, but neither really feel ready as they have been mostly used for Sasha and Charlotte to look strong. I’m going to go on a whim and say Charlotte retains. Her reign has been going great and I don’t think it’s time to end it just yet.

Chris: Bayley and Charlotte have had quite the history thus far in NXT: Charlotte’s first match on NXT was against Bayley, Bayley’s first win on NXT was in a tag match with Charlotte, and of course Charlotte infamously turned heel on Bayley and joined The BFFs. Fast forward quite some time later and both girls have had quite the evolution. Many would say that it’s pretty predictable that Charlotte will retain the belt here but I’m not quite sure- Charlotte seems pretty destined for a main roster spot sooner rather than later. Predicting Charlotte retaining the belt would be the smart thing to say and I’d love to see it happen since I adore Charlotte but considering I humbly have the worst record on the DD Prediction Scoreboard I’m going to make a judgment call and say that Sasha will screw Charlotte out of the NXT Women’s Championship, leaving Bayley the new champion.

Erin: Charlotte is clearly gearing up for a leap to the main roster, but I don’t see that happening just yet, given how packed the division is. She’s still got a lot of room for growth, and NXT is the perfect place to do it. With that being said, I don’t think she’s dropping the title tonight. I think, at the moment, she’s of more use as NXT’s top Diva, developing her own character, building hype around herself and helping to usher some fresh blood into the division. As much as I like Bayley, this won’t be her night. Charlotte retains.

Jack: After Paige was stripped of the NXT Women’s Championship, I was convinced Bayley would be the next champion. I thought she had took the ball and ran with her character and has proven herself as the next fan favorite to tackle the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Summer Rae. WWE went in a different direction, pushing the ever-improving Charlotte to the top of the division and Bayley was sadly an afterthought. Fast-forward to the present day and WWE made the right move. Charlotte has accelerated to ridiculous heights, impressing everyone with her promos, attitude, looks and rapidly-improved in-ring ability. Whilst I don’t feel like there’s much room for her on the main roster right now, she’s Ric Flair‘s daughter and that is money. She’ll soon be limousine riding and jet flying with the Raw and SmackDown crews. In the immortal words of M People, she’s ‘MOOVIN’ ON UP’! That leaves Bayley as the new NXT Women’s Champion and I couldn’t be happier. I thought she was ready before yet boy is she ready now. Her character has developed an exciting new layer and depth to it; she’s still a timid shy girl who loves to hug, yet now she’s not backing down to the bullies and has the inflatable buddies from her entrance in her corner. Her promos are heartfelt and believable, you can’t help get behind her adorably tenacious character and her in-ring work blows the ceiling off of Full Sail University. There’ll be a new NXT Women’s Champion come Takeover 2 and… *insert JoJo voice* IT’S BAYLEY!

Jake: I am pretty hyped for this match. NXT has shown they do not disappoint on their big shows when it comes to the women’s matches. Paige vs. Emma and Charlotte vs. Natalya were both two of the best matches this year. I really hope this trend continues at Takeover 2 (is that what we’re calling it?). I hope the unoriginality of the show name doesn’t make for an unoriginal and bland match between these two ladies. I honestly did not think much of Charlotte until her match with Natalya and her split from Sasha Banks. She’s proven she can go in the ring and I’m loved her work….excluding that match with Summer from a few weeks ago. I do think Charlotte should be a complete face right now, but I understand with the lack of face Divas in NXT. Bayley is someone whose always been a fan favorite and I think this is her time to shine. I’m going to have to agree with the rumors of Charlotte being called up to the main roster. Even though there’s so many girls up there right now I can definitely see a second (or third if you want to keep AJ/Paige and the Bellas separate) Divas feud on the main roster. Charlotte debuting with Ric Flair in her corner to take on possibly one of the ‘Total Divas’ stars like Naomi or Natalya may be the perfect feud to get her feet wet. As for Bayley, I see her getting a huge upset victory over Charlotte after a match that Charlotte dominates most of. Bayley finally becomes a champion and will go on to feud with Sasha Banks or possibly a newly heel turned Becky Lynch.

Steven: Awwwww! Our little Bayley is all grown up! Personally, I never would have thought that she would have come as she has so quickly, but she has grown so much in terms of character and ring skills and I’m glad she’s getting this opportunity to shine. As for the match, with Charlotte having some main roster experience under her belt, I see her moving on sooner, rather than later. With Bayley being the quintessential babyface, I see her stripping Charlotte of the belt, and becoming even more over with the WWE Universe. My money is on Bayley taking home the gold… Umm… Silver, I mean.

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Charlotte, 4 for Bayley.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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