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NXT TakeOver: RESPECT Predictions: Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

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Tonight at NXT TakeOver: RESPECT, Asuka makes her NXT in-ring debut against Dana Brooke. Does Dana stand a chance against the Japanese phenom? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Chris: I’ll keep this short. In the words of Whoppi Goldberg- Dana, you in danger girl! Asuka wins.

Erin: NXT has bent over backwards to make sure the audience is aware that Asuka is a prestigious signing, from the video packages to the contract signing to the Japanese wrestling footage to making her in-ring debut at a TakeOver event. This is their (and her) first shot at delivering on that hype, so she’ll have to make a big statement. I don’t think Dana will require medical assistance, but I’m fully expecting her to get her ass kicked. Without question, Asuka‘s winning tonight.

Jack: Debuting on a WWE PPV? It doesn’t get much more high profile than that. I 1000% see Asuka winning her debut match. Whilst I normally am not a fan of matches with majorly predictable results, it is going to be so fun to see Asuka kick Dana’s head in isn’t it? The “Total Diva” will be a total mess once Asuka is done with her and I am going to enjoy every second. Asuka wins.

Jake: The choice to put Dana in this match was about as puzzling as how we’re supposed to pronounce Asuka’s name at first. Then I thought about it. Emma will eventually be making her way back to the main roster and is already quite established. Dana is still working on her craft. Pairing her with an experienced worker like Asuka on such a big stage can only help further her in-ring techniques long term. With that being said, I’m all for Dana being involved. Expect Asuka to really wow the crowd here. I predict she’ll pull out some impressive moves and show she’s a hard hitter. Will Dana be able to keep up? I think so. I don’t see Dana getting in a ton of offense or this to be a particularly long match but I think Asuka will get the win in her debut. The story here will be far from over. Emma will definitely be getting involved and helping Dana beat down Asuka post-match. Who will come to Asuka’s rescue? None other than a debuting Athena (whose name will I’m sure be something ridiculous).

Josue: The ring debut of Asuka is finally here! I am beyond excited to see this match unfold after Dana and Emma’s encounter with the latest female name to arrive at NXT. Even with Emma by her side, Dana is up against quite a competitor in Asuka. Triple H has said to expect big things from Asuka tonight, so I fully expect Asuka to gain a big debut win tonight.

Kyle: I gotta go with the “Total Diva” Dana Brooke. With the landscape of NXT having the champion being a babyface, we need heels to become viable challengers for Bayley‘s NXT Women’s Championship. Dana Brooke is a solid heel that gets heat and the major audience of NXT (hardcore fans) dislike her. The audacity of Dana Brooke, who people assume is Triple H‘s pet project and is not worthy of even facing defeated a certifiable Joshi Legend in Asuka’s first ever match for WWE would be a sight to see. I think if Asuka loses, she gains crowd support and sympathy with allows this feud to gain more heat and will make the pop even bigger once Asuka gets her revenge. As much as I would love the former Kana to have a huge moment, I think Dana winning is the most beneficial result.

BREAKDOWN: 5 for Asuka, 1 for Dana.

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