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Survivor Series Predictions: Charlotte vs. Paige for the Divas Title

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Tonight at Survivor Series, Charlotte defends the Divas Title against Paige. Will Paige walk out with the Divas Title? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Chris: If you liked the end of Raw or not, one thing is for sure. It’s been the focus of much of the wrestling media’s attention for the entire week. While many think that Charlotte has to win to even the score after what Paige said on Raw, I don’t believe she will. Paige however, won’t walk out Divas Champion either. I imagine this to be a match similar to Trish Stratus vs. Lita at Survivor Series 2004, it doesn’t really ever get underway. Charlotte beats the ever living hell out of Paige getting herself disqualified. The feud between these two continue into a stipulation match at TLC. Paige wins by DQ.

Erin: I can’t see Charlotte losing the title yet – the WWE is working hard to legitimize her reign and make it mean something, which is why they went to the lengths they did on Raw. Paige insulting her late brother gives Charlotte all the inspiration she needs to beat her, and I have a feeling she’ll do it without getting herself DQed first. After all the hubbub Raw’s ending caused, I bet the WWE will book this as a “feel good” moment, Charlotte avenging her brother and changing the story to something positive. I’m sure Paige won’t stop chasing the title yet, but she’ll probably have to pull out all the stops to get another shot at the belt.

Jack: What with Paige’s absolute bombshell of an insult on Monday Night Raw, there is no way this one will be over with come Sunday. Insulting deceased relatives is one thing but I predict Paige will rub salt in the wounds even further and win the title, ensuring that Charlotte is a broken woman. WWE are better bookers of heel champions and face challengers, so I think Charlotte will lose, before avenging her brother’s memory and recapturing her Divas Title in the future somewhere down the line. This feud has plenty of gas in its tank yet, and Paige winning on Sunday will ensure it goes the distance.

Jake: I feel like I always say this around Survivor Series but I think this match has potential to result in some sort of Lita and Trish Stratus all out brawl a la Survivor Series 2004. I can totally see the match never even getting started and a continuation and much more brutal version of what transpired on Raw. If for some reason the match does begin there is no way Paige is winning. Charlotte will pick up the win here after an emotional battle with a lot of counter submissions. I really wish there wasn’t so much backlash from sensitive fans on the promo from Raw as Paige could really embrace her heel persona in this match and shout some insulting things at Charlotte throughout. I really hope WWE decides to let her play a full on controversial heel from now on and stir the pot more. She’s got all the tools and hopefully can make this match emotional. Charlotte really needs to let down her serious front here and play to her emotions to make every second of this match a tear jerker. As far as the in-ring work, I don’t know if the two of them will have much chemistry but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Josue: Wherever you stand on the controversy from this week’s confrontation between Paige and Charlotte, the one benefit from it all is that fans have been talking all about it. Charlotte’s last title felt as though there was no emotional attachment to it beyond an obligated rematch, where as now we have former team members of Team PCB really trying to out do one another for the Divas Title. In the end, I see Charlotte picking up the win to gain some redemption from Paige’s comments.

BREAKDOWN: 3 for Charlotte, 2 for Paige.

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