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Hell in a Cell Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Divas Title

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Tonight at Hell in a Cell, AJ Lee defends the Divas Title against Paige. Will the title change hands once again? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: So Stephanie McMahon has dismissed the rumour that nobody in the Total Divas cast can hold the Divas Title, which makes this match only slightly less predictable. I’m pretty sure AJ Lee has this one in the bag, as it seems like Paige will be exploring other avenues in the coming months. Whether or not that’s a good thing for her is yet to be seen, but if this is the blowoff for this feud (this totally should have been a Hell in a Cell match, by the way) I can only hope that Charlotte gets called up soon so that we can finally see something fresh in the Divas division again.

Bobby: I don’t feel like WWE has cared enough to make this feud feel interesting so I don’t really have it in me to go in depth with a prediction. I’m just going to say Paige wins because they will want to prove a Total Divas star can hold the title and debunk the rumors since it was forced to be addressed.

Chris: I feel like I just watched this! Oh wait… I begged, pleaded, and almost cried for a stipulation for these two and it didn’t happen so… Chyna wins via Banana drop! Just kidding. I’d like to pick Paige just to make continue my legendary streak of prediction losses, however I’ll play it safe and choose AJ Lee to pick up the victory.

Cryssi: Well, I’m over the title being bounced back and forth between these two, so I’m willing to sacrifice my want and need for AJ to lose the title in order for it to have some stability. Besides, deep down, I think we all want to see the match we were robbed of thanks to Aksana and her general suckiness, so AJ Lee to win. Paige to move on to Total Divas life. And hopefully, praying for a long, drawn out AJ versus Naomi feud with the title being the focus.

Eleri: I think Paige will get the win here, be it thanks to some underhanded teamwork from her and Alicia Fox or a roll up win. The powers that be seem to be playing a little fast and loose with the title, and I feel like this feud could come down to a winner take all/who’s really the best situation. In the meantime, I see Paige getting multiple title wins, with tonight being no exception. Paige for the win.

Erin: I can’t really tell what the endgame is for this feud, but I’m not sure the WWE really does either. Or, at least, they didn’t know it when they started the feud. That’s what made this all seem disjointed and, frankly, less interesting than it should’ve been. The addition of Alicia has helped, especially when it comes to Paige’s character. It has brought up a question, though: is AJ enough of a “superwoman” to win this on her own? She’s been bested a few times these past weeks, but still insists that she doesn’t need friends. I’m picking AJ Lee to retain, but I’m not sure how it will happen. Will she finally find a friend, or will she just beat the odds?

Jack: As much as I want Paige to win again, I pick AJ Lee to retain. I think it’s time to move on from this feud, or at least add Alicia into the championship matches to make things more interesting. Thank god for Foxy switching things up already! Anyway, I see miscommunication between Alicia and Paige costing my favourite Anti-Diva the match. Afterwards, Paige and Alicia will attack AJ, resulting in Tamina Snuka returning to make the “save”. After beating up Lic’ and Paige, Tamina then destroys AJ. New feud set up with a whole lot of history already sorted. I assume my cheque is in the post, WWE.

Josue: Even though I’m still uncertain on whether the policy of “Total Divas” cast members not being allowed to hold the Divas title is still in effect or not, I still see AJ retaining against Paige either way. This is their fourth PPV match the two have been involved in and I just don’t see it continuing anymore after this one. AJ Lee will retain one more time against Paige and hopefully move on to a new opponent.

Steven: These Divas have been playing hot potato with this title for the past few PPVs, and with no other clear cut contenders, I don’t see that ending right now. I expect Alicia to get involved in the title, prompting Tamina aka AJ’s only friend to make the save, helping AJ Lee retain her title.

BREAKDOWN: 7 for AJ, 2 for Paige.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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