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Hell in a Cell Predictions: Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

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Tonight at Hell in a Cell, Brie and Nikki Bella finally face off one-on-one, with the winner making the loser their personal assistant for 30 days. Which sister will be doing the dirty work? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: “Loser becomes my slave for however amount of time” matches are categorically never won by babyfaces (although Brie certainly pushes the boundaries of what that word means, and not in a good way). I have very little else to say about this match, except that I hope it’s short and nobody talks. Nikki Bella wins.

Bobby: I’m slightly more invested in this than the other match, but it definitely feels like a letdown from the excitement I had a few months ago. It just became a pretty standard/average feud as of late when it started out being so much more, but with the stipulation added this feels like it’s going one of two ways. Either Nikki will force Brie to do her dirty work which can be interesting if handled well… or Brie will force Nikki to do “comedic” skits which will probably come off more as secondhand embarrassment than funny. Being that WWE tends to prefer that option 95% of the time, I’m going to say Brie Bella wins.

Chris: As I said on Diva Dirt Weekly, it would really not make sense for the face to win with this type of stipulation, so I’m gonna go with Nikki Bella to use some kind of heel tactic to pick up the win. She makes Brie her servant for the next month, and tries to get her to do Nikki’s dirty work in her matches.

Cryssi: I’m still totally against my beloved Bellas fighting one another. It just hurts my soul. They’re so great together but at the same time, it’s awesome getting to see them both shine as individuals. I think it benefits Brie Bella more to pick up the win here and have Nikki forced into the PA role, so that’s what I’m going with. Plus, we all know Queen Brie Mother Earth Bella is my favorite Diva, period.

Eleri: What kind of Nikki stan would I be if I bet against her? Honestly, I don’t see Brie winning this round because if she does, I feel like the feud is kind of dead. I know a lot of people want that, but I’d prefer Nikki take the win and Brie continue to be the underdog babyface, before eventually toppling her sister after a reign of terror. Nikki Bella for the win.

Erin: Personally, I think a better story would come from Nikki Bella winning. I have no desire to see Brie make Nikki do silly things for a month. If Nikki wins, though, it opens up many more possibilities, such as having Brie unwillingly help her sister challenge for/win the Divas Title. Plus, Brie needs all the underdog mojo she can get, and being put through “hell” for a month would definitely help in that regard.

Jack: Wrestling logic suggests Brie will win as Nikki took the final win before the PPV, pinning Brie on SmackDown. However, the stipulation is just too good for it to be wasted on Nikki doing some dirty work. Just like her husband, Brie’s payoff will be the result of a slow burn. Nikki Bella wins.

Josue: Given the stipulation of the loser being forced to be the winner’s assistant for 30 days, I have to say Nikki Bella will come out the winner at HIAC. It sets the pieces for Nikki to get some kind of retribution after all the things we’ve seen from this Bella feud so far. Eventually Brie will reach a breaking point but we’ll see more of that after the 30 days are up, where I’m certain there will be another big match set up for the rivaling sisters.

Steven: This one is hard to call, since both girls have traded momentum in the past weeks. Brie has managed to win all the unfair matches that Nikki had to compete in, but she has also picked up a few losses to Nikki, so I’d say the playing field is even. For entertainment purposes, I’m gonna go with Brie Bella winning and Nikki “losing” her job for not complying to the terms of the match.

BREAKDOWN: 3 for Brie, 6 for Nikki.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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