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Night of Champions Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya for the Divas Title

Tonight at Night of Champions, it will be every woman for herself when AJ Lee puts her title on the line against Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya. Which Diva will win this Fatal Four-Way? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: I guess this all depends on where Total Divas is headed. It’s clear that Natalya is being portrayed as the muscle of the Total Divas team, and many signs suggest they might be building up to a title win for her to end the season with a bang. Should this be the case it’s entirely possible Nattie walks out champion tonight, unless they try and really build the chase and wait for the next pay-per-view. In terms of soft power (TV time and freedom on the mic as opposed to significant backstage influence) AJ is simply untouchable right now in the. Her promos, her mannerisms and her ring work are all gold and have been just as much a reason for the resurgence of interest in the Divas Division as Total Divas has. However, a title change tonight might be the perfect way to benefit all parties. A good back-and-forth feud with Natalya is the perfect way to keep momentum going and show the WWE Universe exactly what the top women’s wrestlers of the company can really do in the ring – and I’d have no problem with the title changing hands a couple of times throughout. Natalya wins.

Bobby: The build up to this has been decent to me. The Raw AJ did her big promo and the SmackDown she recruited Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla were my personal high points, whereas this week was pretty much my low just because it felt like the same thing twice and neither really got a lot of time. Nevertheless, I love the story behind every contender. You have AJ, looking to back up her “pipebombshell” by defeating three Total Divas; Natalya, who is on a quest to reclaim the spotlight we’ve all felt she’s deserved for years; Brie, who looks to cap off her run as a singles competitor by claiming the Divas Title and rejoicing with the Bella Army. And then Naomi, who hasn’t been spotlighted too much in comparison to the three and could certainly make a name for herself should she walk out champion. I’d truthfully be happy with any of the four winning the match because I love AJ’s reign, but I see great things should any one of them dethrone her. I do kind of want AJ to win because I think a Total Divas star taking her title should come after a singles feud with one of them down the road, however, if anyone knows me… they know my love of Naomi burns brighter than the sun. This is her first title match that’s been booked enough ahead of time for me to get to make a prediction, thus I’m going with Naomi simply because I’ve waited a long time for this moment and I clearly wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I doubted her chance to win. Plus, I want she and Jimmy Uso (and Jey Uso by relation) to become this united power couple even if it makes no sense to non-Total Divas watchers. The guys have a tag title shot if they win their gauntlet, so what better way to kick start my own personal aspirations than this?

Chris: When it became obviously before SummerSlam that one of the Total Divas were next in line to challenge AJ, I was a little nervous about how the quality of the feud would be. I have to say for once I have been pleasantly surprised! From the now infamous #Pipebombshell to everything in between, this feud has been awesome so far, and that’s why I don’t want to see it end! I’m picking AJ Lee to retain and continue to feud with the Total Divas over the next month.

Cryssi: I think it’s fair to say that this is a match we’ve been waiting for! When Total Divas debuted and we witnessed a disgruntled Natalya vent her backstage frustrations, we all kind of hoped that she would get this type of opportunity and a title shot on top of it. Well, that time has arrived but I’m not so sure I want Natalya to win. I DEFINITELY don’t want to see AJ retain her title. She’s done nothing for me as champion except drop a scripted “pipe bomb” that had fans hailing her as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Gag me….. yuck! Naomi isn’t my pick either because I don’t feel she’s stood out much in this feud. The person who has stolen the show, in my opinion, and the person who will win the match tonight is none other than Queen Brie Bella. She’s been the champ before and it’s time that title comes back where it belongs. She’s shown the most improvement out of all of them and I really believe she has the best character right now. She’s got her own little stable with Nikki and Eva, and she’s the only one who can bring justification to that title. Sorry Nattie and Naomi! I love you both. AJ…. girl bye! Your days are done. I CAN’T WAIT for Queen Brie’s reign to begin :)

Eleri: I’m torn with this one. On one hand, I want Natalya to win via submission and reign over the divas for a while, proving that she’s dominant. At the same time, I don’t want AJ to lose her title in such a rushed way. I loved her pipe bombshell and I love the two different directions the divas division has taken recently, with Total Divas on one side and proper, developed wrestling stories on the other with AJ and Kaitlyn. But I have to choose… so I’m going to go out on a limb and say Natalya wins this one, pocketing a second well-deserved championship which has been a long time coming. I just hope that, if I’m right, this feud goes beyond Night of Champions.

Erin: I fully believe that the WWE wants to make AJ their new Trish/Lita, meaning she will always have some sort of presence on TV, whether she’s in the Divas Title hunt or not. However, at the moment, I don’t see her leaving the title picture yet, or even merely chasing the title. And, as they’re still filming for Total Divas, I don’t think tonight’s outcome will be what caps off season one. I think there needs to be more buildup for either Brie, Natalya or Naomi to win the title, and I’m sure the WWE wants to ride this division-encompassing feud a bit longer. I say AJ Lee retains the title and goes on to drop it at either Battleground or Hell in a Cell.

Jack: A lot of the Diva Community think Nattie or Brie will win the match tonight yet I see either AJ retaining, or like past Fatal 4 Ways with the outsiders Eve Torres and Alicia Fox winning, Naomi will win. However I have to narrow it down to one person so I’ll take a risk and say Naomi for the win!

Jake: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My pick for Night of Champions is Brie Bella. Since they returned, the Bellas have been in the spotlight and one of the top faces of the company. This gives them the chance to really be on top and continue Nattie’s frustrated Diva storyline on Total Divas. I love me some Bellas, so hopefully Brie wins the belt and with Nikki returning to the ring soon this will make for some more Twin Magic and a possible face turn for AJ Lee.

Katelyn: I’m honestly really torn between two picks, but in the end, I’ve gone with Natalya as the winner. She began the season of Total Divas by being left off WrestleMania and the ‘ugly duckling’ card has been played up exponentially since. She will get her Cinderella moment and close out the extension of the reality show on a nice note.

Melanie: Despite the odds being against her, I’m suspecting AJ Lee will retain here. Perhaps one of the Total Divas will dethrone her in a singles rematch further down the line?

Steven: I have a love/hate relationship with multi-women matches like these. On one hand, they’re so fun and unpredictable, but the flip side, it’s so hard to determine who will win. I don’t see Brie or Naomi pulling out the win, as they are both currently in tag teams, which leaves AJ to retain or Natalya to capture the championship. Total Divas has been an overnight sensation and is the centerpiece of this match, so I could totally see a Total Divas star taking the win. It would be a perfect note for the first season to end on, don’t you think? My money is on Natalya winning the championship tonight and Team Total Divas banding together to take out Team AJ.

BREAKDOWN: 3 for AJ, 2 for Brie, 4 for Natalya and 2 for Naomi.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

Note: We’re keeping a record of our Pay-Per-View predictions. Check out Team Diva Dirt’s PPV Prediction Scoreboard after the match to see who’s in the lead!

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