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Money in the Bank Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Divas Champion AJ Lee and Kaitlyn will go head-to-head with the title on the line. Will Kaitlyn get the ultimate revenge on AJ? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: As much as I want Kaitlyn to win and feel like her bruised ego could do with the victory, I simply can’t see WWE taking the belt from AJ so soon after winning it. It’s clear the ‘E have big things in mind for both women, but AJ needs a successful title defense to establish her as a credible champion. Kaitlyn will get her chance again, but AJ wins this time.

Bobby: Words can’t express my level of excitement (which you’ll probably be able to tell by the size of this prediction.) For the most part, I’ve absolutely loved how this has been built up. It finally feels like the WWE is really putting energy into a Divas storyline for a change, especially with that brilliant contract signing on SmackDown. And not even just that, I also want to praise the segment from Raw this week too. They didn’t get very much time, and they got no chance to speak on the microphone, but what they did with the time they were given, in Kaitlyn absolutely demolishing AJ with the spear on the outside, was perfect. AJ has been over with the fans since her phenomenal storyline with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but what that’s doing in turn by inserting her into the division is help to get whoever she feuds with over as well. Kaitlyn’s really been growing with how much the fans respond to her since this feud took off with the secret admirer reveal, and I couldn’t be happier.

I really want this to continue on because I still feel like even more can be done (which makes me sound so greedy with how much we’ve already gotten, but dang it I don’t care), so I’m going to say these two have an all out war that culminates with Kaitlyn winning by countout, but AJ Lee keeping the title. That would give enough reason to see it culminate at Summerslam (perhaps in a stipulation match pleaaase) without feeling forced as it continues on since Kaitlyn would have essentially been screwed out of the title at Money in the Bank and thus deserve a rightful final rematch against AJ. As far as which stipulation, I’d kill to see it contested as a No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, or even Two Out of Three Falls match. This feud is hot right now for me, and I think they deserve to have that huge caliber blow off at a big pay-per-view like SummerSlam. As for tonight though, I’m not sure what’s going to happen and that’s my favorite kind of feeling.

Chris: Wow, this may be the most I’ve ever looked forward to a rematch for the Divas Championship ever! The build up to this has been nothing short of phenomenal. See what happens when you actually give the girls a chance to shine? We expected last month to be a all out brawl and got a amazing technical match so there’s no telling what we will see this time around. I’m going with AJ to retain the title since Kaitlyn got the advantage Friday on Smackdown. One has to wonder what role both Big E as well as Layla will play…

Cryssi: Honestly, as much as Kaitlyn has had the upper hand these past couple of weeks, I really see this match as a toss up in terms of who is winning. I think Kaitlyn looks really strong going into the rematch and it wouldn’t shock me if she was able to pull off the win and get the title back. That aside, I think tonight Layla is going turn on Kaitlyn and cost her the championship setting up the third and final installment in this feud for Summerslam. The only way to do that is give Kaitlyn a win, so that’s my pick. But Kaitlyn wins by DQ thanks to Layla.

Eleri: I’m going with AJ. I feel there’s so much left between these two, and while the crowd is behind Kaitlyn already, I think we could all go that much further. Plus I think Layla might factor into things somehow, maybe Sunday, leaving Kaitlyn ever more alone. So yeah, AJ is my pick. I think there’s more to come from her. Her title run is the best thing that’s happened to the divas division in a long time. I think Kaitlyn will win the title back. I don’t think she’ll do it this Sunday.

Erin: I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m already thinking about SummerSlam. If AJ and Kaitlyn is going to get the high profile exposure it deserves, it needs a SummerSlam match. And, for that to happen, I think AJ needs to hold on to the title. However, Kaitlyn can’t keep getting beat. I think the WWE is going to play into Kaitlyn’s new “loose cannon” attitude as well as what happened on Raw, when AJ was knocked out cold by a spear. I think Kaitlyn’s going to take a page from Lita‘s playbook and, like in her SummerSlam 2004 match with Trish Stratus, absolutely destroy AJ and get DQed, not caring that she lost her shot at the title. It adds even more fire to this feud and gives the WWE an excuse to give their SummerSlam match an extreme stipulation. So, I’m going with AJ to win, but only because Kaitlyn gets DQed.

Jack: This one is going to be epic. I’m calling Layla interference and a heel turn which will allow AJ to retain. Kaitlyn said on SmackDown how she’s lost all of her friends except #LOL yet my theory is that she’s lost Layla as well. AJ wins.

Jake: My money is on AJ! I’ve been loving this Kaitlyn and AJ feud and the fact they even gave it a contract signing pretty much promises it to be a classic. Of course, AJ will have Big E. by her side as usual (is anyone else getting major Trish/Tomko vibes from them?)…but Kaitlyn will definitely have Layla in tow or Layla will be running down to Kaitlyn’s side. I think MITB will finally see Layla’s heel turn and possibly an alliance with AJ. I don’t think AJ’s reign is over yet, she’ll retain with help from Layla. This could possibly lead to a triple threat at SummerSlam.

Katelyn: As much as I think it would be great to see Kaitlyn get her revenge on AJ for all of the mind games and torment she’s been putting her through, I don’t see AJ losing her title so quickly. So I’m picking AJ for the win, perhaps by DQ (Kaitlyn lets her anger get the better of her?) or outside interference from Big E. This feud will probably last as far as Summerslam, with AJ finally getting her comeuppance there. They’ve teased AJ getting too obsessed with the games she’s playing and I definitely see that coming true soon (especially if Dolph Ziggler loses at MITB like I think he will, to further his face turn).

Melanie: AJ wins. Should be a great match.

Steven: Before I even get into my prediction, let me just say that this has been one of my favorite Diva rivalries of the current era. Both ladies have come leaps and bounds since there debut and have really impressed me. That said, if history is any indicator, the person with the most momentum going into the match usually loses (coughKaitlyncough). In this case, I completely agree. I feel it is way too early for AJ to drop the title. She’s been doing a fantastic job as champion and I only see her going up from here. I fully expect her to leave Money in the Bank victorious.

The real question is HOW will AJ retain her title. AJ has alienated most of the Divas roster in recent months, but so has Kaitlyn, her sole friend being the ever-present Layla. I’m predicting that Layla will ‘accidentally’ cost Kaitlyn the title tonight, leading to a full blown turn on Raw the next night or the week after. Perhaps we’ll even see her join forces with AJ, as a new age LayCool, wreaking havoc over the division. #LayJ

BREAKDOWN: 9 for AJ, 2 for Kaitlyn.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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