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TLC Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas Title

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Tonight at TLC, Nikki Bella defends the Divas Title against AJ Lee. Will Brie help her sister pick up the win again? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: So the second most important women’s title in WWE is being defended at TLC, and yet again WWE have missed another golden opportunity to give a stipulation match to the Divas. Why couldn’t this have been the chairs match instead of Ryback vs Kane? I can guarantee that match ain’t drawing a dime, while giving it to AJ and Nikki would generate a crapload of interest and actually be something fresh and exciting for once. Ah well. I’m going with Nikki Bella here, it’s too early for her to drop the title and too early for AJ to win it back. I don’t have a great deal else to say, except that I hope the events that transpired at NXT Takeover have galvanized both women into giving a heck of a performance tonight.

Bobby: I’m honestly not into this feud much at all, but I think Nikki Bella should retain here and move on to Naomi. The thing is though, the last time we felt a match result involving AJ couldn’t possibly end with her winning… she won. And we all failed. Because of this, I’m going to say AJ Lee wins because why not?

Chris: I’ll be honest, I was actually interested to see where they took this after the ” Kiss of Death” at Survivor Series but there’s been very little to keep my interest since then. I see Nikki Bella retaining. Oh, and AJ Lee doesn’t leave afterwards.

Cryssi: Given the personal nature of the feud between the two of them, Nikki Bella absolutely needs this victory. She needs to show everyone that the way she won the championship isn’t what’s going to define her reign. I definitely expect her to retain tonight and move on from AJ.

Erin: Like most of us, I’ve been underwhelmed by this feud. It feels like they’re spinning their wheels. But what could they be stalling for? I’m not sure. I seriously doubt that AJ’s on her way out, and I (unfortunately) don’t see Brie pulling a fast one on Nikki and starting a new feud with her. I really can’t tell what’s in store for the Divas Title picture in the new year, so I’m just going to go with the safe bet and say that Nikki Bella‘s retaining tonight.

Jack: Although this year has proven that a belt can change hands despite it being the Champion’s first title defense, I don’t see that happening here. I don’t see it and I don’t want it either. I’m tired of AJ being in the title picture and I think she could do great things rubbing shoulders with the men again. Nikki Bella retains and then Brie reveals she’s just been playing Nikki all along. Or so I hope.

Josue: Truth be told, there isn’t a lot of excitement going into this match and having the Raw home go show be the same night as the Slammys, that included little to no build up, does no favors either. It just feels like having Brie turn and reunite with her sister after MONTHS of bullying and build up was all done for nothing. This was the one PPV where I really thought we would see more of the Bellas feuding with each other following the whole assistant gimmick but AJ is still entitled to her rematch. Putting the “AJ is leaving” rumors to the side (again), I have to assume that this match will end with Nikki Bella retaining. I just don’t see AJ winning the title so shortly after losing it (unless WWE just want to give her another title reign for the record books) but if there’s anything I have learned after last month’s Survivor Series, is to expect the unexpected.

Steven: I’ll go on the record in saying I’m a huge AJ supporter. That said, it’s past time for a changing of the guard when it comes to the Divas division. I predict that after a hard fought match, Nikki Bella will retain cleanly, and move on to the next challenger, giving AJ a well deserved break as the face of the division.

BREAKDOWN: 1 for AJ, 7 for Nikki.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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