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Survivor Series Predictions: Eight-Diva Elimination Tag Team Match

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Tonight at Survivor Series, Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi and Natalya take on Cameron, Layla, Paige and Summer Rae in a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team match. Who will survive? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: Well that’s a mix-and-match set of lineups if I ever saw one. Are the heels and faces of the Divas undercard picked by daily lottery? Nevertheless, I’m sure each Diva will use the twelve seconds of ring time they’re afforded to the best of their ability. Although Natalya is seemingly her team’s captain, the thought of Alicia and Paige being the final two is certainly appealing, so I’ll go for that, with Paige getting the win in the end.

Bobby: I’m oddly more excited for this than I am Nikki vs. AJ, and it has literally no build up at all which is funny. I love elimination tags, and I’m one of the few people who never understood why so many disliked the 7 on 7 one last year (PLEASE RETURN JOJO TO ACTIVE COMPETITION). As far as I’m concerned, everyone in this match is extremely competent in the ring, and with it only being 4 on 4, there shouldn’t be any need to rush eliminations like we usually see in the larger numbered versions. I’m expecting good things, and hoping they ring true. When it comes to sole survivors, I see the final three being Natalya, Alicia Fox and Paige. I still don’t think WWE are as invested in Alicia as I wish they would be, so my guess is that Nattie will make Paige submit and the sole survivors will be both Alicia Fox and Natalya.

Chris: I see Paige being the sole survivor here. WWE looks like they are trying to keep her strong even when she’s not in the title picture. I see her last eliminating Natalya.

Eleri: So is this officially Team Paige vs Team Alicia? Should be. I think Team Paige will win, with Paige being sole survivor. Keeps her looking strong, which I think is what they want. I’m just happy all these girls are getting a chance on the Pay-Per-View. I’m going with Team Paige.

Erin: I really wish they were officially pushing this as Team Alicia vs. Team Paige, since these two are the only Divas in this match with any real rivalry between them. Not even Cameron and Naomi have that anymore. Still, even though it’s not officially about them, I think the match will come down to these two. Paige seems to be getting a quasi-push, with the commentary teams constantly emphasizing that she still has her eye on the Divas Title, so I think this might be a way to keep her looking strong just outside the title picture. I say Paige will be the sole survivor, probably eliminating Alicia last.

Jack: There’s not a lot storyline wise to get excited for regarding this, yet with their being less participants than a normal Survivor Series elimination match, hopefully we can see some longer exchanges in the ring and more unique eliminations. I predict Alicia Fox as a sole survivor to help cement her face turn.

Jake: I am SHOCKED we’re getting two Divas’ matches. When I first saw the match graphic I thought it was a joke…and then I was mad WWE is still using that photo of Naomi in that horrible green lipstick. PLEASE STOP WITH THAT! I definitely see Paige’s team getting the win in this match. It’s clear WWE sees a future in Paige or I doubt there would even be a second Divas’ match if she wasn’t included. I expect this to come down to Nattie and Paige where they will put on a wrestling showcase for a few minutes before Paige has Nattie tap in battle of submissions.

Josue: Though this match may have just seemed to have been thrown together, I’m looking forward to it. It gets the Divas who aren’t involved in the title picture a chance to still appear on the PPV. From the looks of it, the tag match can still be used for the ongoing Paige and Alicia Fox feud while also retouching some history between former Funkadactyls teams and give us a chance to see more team work from Layla and Summer Rae against Natalya. In the end, to keep an ongoing feud going, I see Alicia Fox picking up the win for her team after eliminating Paige with the help from one of her (new Total Divas) teammate; perhaps that being Natalya.

Steven: Alicia and Paige have gone from BFFs to frenemies to mortal enemies in the space of a few months, so it’s only fitting that they lead opposing teams into Survivor Series. While I’m a huge Paige fan, I’ve been really impressed with Alicia Fox lately and would love her to take home the win for her team. And with her being added to the Total Divas roster, this is a perfect chance for her to get some much needed visibility and stature in the Divas Division.

BREAKDOWN: 4 for Alicia, 1 for Natalya, 5 for Paige.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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